Where ecotourism-geotourism is a way of life.

Ecotourism goes hand in hand with our Natural Farming Methods and Green Lifestyle.
Enabling us to work from Home.

Geotourism takes in all the things we have done to improve our natural surroundings.

Some of the things that help us do this are:
  1. The Biggest GREEN thing is standing up to the City of Tombstone when they
    wanted to drive thru our property into the Miller Peak Wilderness Area. This
    resulted in the City of Tombstone filing a Lawsuit again us.
    See City of Tombstone Work in Miller Peak Wilderness Area &
    Monument Fire/Floods
    for more info.

  2. Income from Guest Ranch, Store, and Hummingbird Viewing Sites.

  3. Before 2011: Income from more than 1300 Apple and other fruit trees.

  4. Grow much of our own Food, plus sell $3000-$5000 surplus.

  5. Get most of our meat from Hunting Deer and Elk.

  6. Three of our units: D/E/F get their Electricity from Solar Panels.

  7. All water needs are from a spring, no electric power needed.

  8. Our home is completely heated by wood and no A/C needed.

  9. Solar Powered items like:
    Vehicle Gate for access to Units: A/D/E/F.
    Flag Pole Light for US Flag at Receiving Area.
    Christmas Lights on Pine Tree near Unit A.

  10. Fire protection/irrigation Ponds are home to Threatened Frogs.

  11. Replaced our 2 house 200/78 watt TVs with Energy Star 75/26 WattVIZIOTVs,
    for an estimated 21 KWH monthly saving. Also updated our 2 Home
    120 Watt DIRECTV receivers with Energy Star 55 Watt units, for a
    93.6 KWH monthly saving and electric bill estimate saving of $13.50

  12. Replaced our computer monitor with one that uses 1/5 the watts.
    Estimate monthly saving $2.

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