Letter to the Editor: Wow Folks, I write one letter to the editor in months, and only get one straight reply and thatís from the wife of a councilman.
First and foremost letís get one thing very straight. Iím NOBODYís boy or yes man, check my voting record from my last term on council and you will find this to be true.
That aside, let me try to explain a few things to the voting public. First, the city of Tombstone is a CITY CLERK type of government, not a city manager, or a city clerk/manager type of government. Now what I would like you to do is take a piece of paper and draw a line across the top of that paper and put the words Council on it. Now draw a vertical line down and draw a horizontal line and put Mayor on it. Next draw another vertical line and draw another horizontal line and put Appointed positions. As you can see the Mayor is in charge of all the positions below him and he answers to the council. If a Council person has a problem with any city employees or department heads, he should first contact the Mayor and together they have a sit down with the department head and resolve whatever complaint the council person may have, this is called governing and when done in this manner the city runs very smoothly. You can also call this a chain of command.
Now if our councilmen from wards 2 and 4 would have followed this simple procedure we would not have had a deputy threaten to be fired, made an improper arrest, and ended up being paid a visit by the ACLU. Need further information, give me a call 457-2332. Explain to me how this type of bullying conduct does anything positive for the citizens of Tombstone.
Now, as for this wonderful individual that some of the council wants to become public works director, why canít he complete the state paper work for the springs, why was the job at the springs completed as of April 6th, but he and all the other people that were hired under the emergency act still on the public dole???
Folkís, the way people get elected in this town is to promise you anything they think you want to hear, and to demonize the people who run against them. Any Mayor and council that would CONSIDER turning our water rights over to anyone, for 40 years needs their heads examined and thrown out of office. Any councilman who thinkís heís something special because he got elected needs to be thrown out of office, an elected public official is a SERVANT to the city and the people he represents. If you run for any other reason your in the wrong business. If your angry with a previous employer and you think getting elected will help you get even with him, your in the wrong business. Governing is serious business and we need serious people to run this city. I know what it takes and would appreciate your vote if you live in Ward #4, if not, be sure to vote anyway.