Safety Director Causes Loss of Prisoner Work Force

Dustin Escapule * Fri, May 18, 2012
On Monday morning, May 14, 2012 the City’s Department of Corrections work force was pulled for negligence by a temporary City Employee. This employee is currently holding the title of Safety Director/Fleet Manager for the city.
According to Pat Kelly Temporary Acting Interterm Public Works Director, Sherry Kammeyer the city’s Safety Director/Fleet Manager left a vehicle running unattended near a Department of Corrections Prisoner which is grounds for the Department of Corrections to pull the city’s prisoner work force. The incident was observed by a DOC Officer and the prisoners were pulled immediately. According to Kelly, the prisoners were returned on Wednesday morning. There needs to be additional training to assure that this type of incident doesn’t happen again, stated Kelly.
Kelly also stated that due to the seriousness of losing the prisoners for a day, Mayor Schmidt has instructed him to issue a Reprimand to Kammeyer.
After the continued rejection by three Council Members for Mayor Schmidt’s appointment of Phil Korte as Public Works Director, Mayor Schmidt appointed Kelly to oversee Public Works. According to the City Code, the mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the city. The Code also states that “he shall perform all other duties required and necessary for the efficient operation of the business of the city”.
Kammeyer was hired as a temporary laborer to perform repairs on the Huachuca Mountain Springs and when that project was at a point that her help was no longer needed, she assumed the position of Safety Director/Fleet Manager. According to the City Charter and City Code, there is no mention of these positions. The Tombstone News asked City Clerk Barnes when these two positions were established and when did they go before the Council for approval. Barnes did not respond to the specific questions but referred us to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and state law.
The Tombstone News reviewed the last year and half council agendas and minutes and couldn’t find when the positions were established. Also there is no record of the positions being advertised so that qualified persons could apply.