WHAT'S NEW at BEATTY'S for 2011:
  1. Only have one place for units: A/D/E/F to now park. Took away the down
    the steps Cabin A parking and made that area into a PHOTO flower garden.
    Enlarged the remaining parking area to now hold 6 or more vehicles.

  2. Enlarged the other PHOTO Flower Garden that is located just to the South
    of the West gate that is used by guests and others to enter the Miller Peak
    Wilderness area.

  3. New Flower Garden that splits the incline into our Home and Guest Ranch

  4. Paved the incline from Trailhead Parking at a cost of $404.69

  5. Unit C's Bathroom now has a Window to give it outside air & light.

  6. Painted A/B/C Bathrooms and Spot Repaired/Painted other area ceilings.

  7. Replaced doors for Cabin A, Unit B and the Laundry Room with metal
    ones that have pull down windows with screens.  At a cost of $1489.63

  8. The US FLAG at the Receiving Area is now lit up by a solar powered flag
    pole light. This should help both late Guests and People in Trouble find
    our place.

WHAT'S NEW at BEATTY'S for 2010:

A $4064 CONTROLLED ACCESS SITE (CAS) upgrade, so it can hold more
than 34 people, BY:

  1. Replacing the CAS benches with a $975 National Recreation Systems.
    (NRS) Aluminum 3 row preferred 15 foot bleacher designed to hold 30

  2. Adding 24 Stadium Chair Seats to the above bleacher at a cost of $1105.
    By adding these 24 seats, 8 to each bleacher row, we have reduced the
    seating from 30 to 24.

  3. Adding a $685 NRS Aluminum 6 person picnic table behind the bleacher.

  4. Replacing the CAS tarp shade with a $600 patio type flat roof.

  5. Kept a metal bench and brick seats by moving them behind the bleacher.

  6. Added a $186 Fridge/Cabinet for cold drinks and snacks.

  7. Enlarging the CAS to the East and South by busting up rocks, then adding
    flowers beds: South of the new EAST AREA and to the Northwest, with $114
    worth of flowers.

    The EAST AREA will now be where long lens Photographers set up. They
    will no longer be allowed in front of birders, but can also use the area behind
    the bleacher.

  8. Paving the CAS walkup with 20 bags of asphalt at a cost of $119.

  9. Replacing bridge planks with $279 of composites.


  1. The addition of an antenna booster to our wireless modem, allows B/C guests to
    receive Internet Service. Other Guests can get a very good signal from the Picnic Table
    at the Handicapped Only Viewing Area/Gazebo/Store.

  2. Used Castlewalls to enlarge the Upper Campsite and change the Lower Campsite
    to a raised 16 foot diameter circle that may hold a YURT in the future.

  3. Enlarged the Westside Garden, that was started in 2008

WHAT'S NEW at BEATTY'S for 2009:
  1. Photography Flower Garden: Located away from the viewing sites, just to the
    South of the West Gate that is used by guests and others to enter the Miller
    Peak Wilderness Area.

  2. $2300, 10'x60', 70% Shade System for the Eastside Garden of the Beatty Pond.

  3. Westside Garden, that was started in 2008, is at least 4 times bigger.

  4. State Route 92 is being widen from Carr Canyon to Hunter Canyon, with Miller
    Canyon in the middle. Work is to be done June 2010. Don't speed, DPS is out
    in force. Nice 21 Feb 2009 SV Herald SR 92 construction Article

  5. Started replacing the Bathroom CFC light bulbs, that the guests leave on, with
    1.5 watt LED ones. Good price $10 LED bulbs just became on the market Jan
    2009. Using them only in the Bathrooms, until the $10 price goes down and
    they get better designs.

  6. We are now a LLC.

  7. Replaced Units: E/F REGULAR size FUTONS with QUEEN-size BEDS, also
    upgraded their Twin beds at a cost of $2368.

  8. Spent $1614 for 800 feet of Fire Fighting Hose and items needed to attach to
    our water system. This should help protect the Orchard etc. from Forest Fires.

WHAT'S NEW at BEATTY'S for 2008:
  1. Units: D/E/F Solar System Batteries had a $4571 upgrade to a 18% larger capacity.

  2. Units: D/E/F Solar System had a $2254 upgrade from 480 to 750 Watts by adding
    2 panels and replacing the Charge Controller with a more efficient MTTP model.

    The MPPT constantly adjusts the operating points of the array to ensure it stays
    on the maximum power point. It does not stop energy harvest to sweep the array
    like the old Charge Controller. This feature is beneficial in all sunlight conditions,
    especially in fast moving cloud cover areas and quickly changing solar conditions.

  3. Units: D/E/F Propane Refrigerators have been replaced with electric models,
    again a green thing, which saved over 50 gals of Propane for 2008.

  4. Unit B Refrigerator has been replaced with a smaller one, again a green thing.
    The old one replaced the store one, again a green thing. Now that the Store has
    a regular Fridge/Freezer we will sell Ice Cream etc.,

  5. Units: A/D/E/F and Camping Guests will now drive thru a remote controlled Solar
    Power Gate
    . No need to get out of the car.

  6. New FROG SIGN on fence near Gazebo. To see it CLICK ON Load NEW FROG sign
    Note: Will take a moment to load.

  7. Installed BOSCH TANKLESS Electric Water Heaters for over $500 in savings on
    in Units: B/C/Laundry and our Home. Unit B's kitchen sink also has an
    under the sink model, since it took a long time for hot water.

    Also installed NO SALT GMX magnetic fluid conditioning water softeners in Units:
    A/B/C/Laundry and our Home for savings on soap etc. Water flow will increase since
    the devices clean scale from the pipes. More info at www.gmxinternational.com

  8. Work started in Oct on SR 92 being widen to 4 lanes from Carr Canyon past Hunter
    Canyon, with a Traffic Light at Hereford Rd and 2 retention ponds on the eastside
    of SR 92. A small one South of Miller Creek and a larger one North of Miller Creek.

  9. A small 20x24 feet house will be built for Tom JR in the NW Corner of our Orchard.

  10. More BIRD FRIENDLY landscaping though out the property.

WHAT'S NEW at BEATTY'S for 2007:
  1. Since it cost so much to send a deposit for international guests, we are letting
    them PAY ON ARRIVAL with Cash, Money Order or Travelers Check. Therefore
    they must keep us posted if they have a change in travel plans, ASAP.

  2. The road that runs through the Orchard to Unit A and Units: D/E/F has been
    worked on, so that Unit A's parking is more level and the road is more smooth.

  3. A "VANTAGE Pro2" roof tripod mount Solar Weather Station.

  4. Blue 3 Stage PUR Water Filtration System mounted on the kitchen faucet of all
    Units: Removes 99.99% of Microbial Cysts, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. The
    filtration system also meets the testing requirements pursuant to Section 116830
    of the Health and Safety Code for Asbestos, Lead and Mercury.

    Another way to be more green and save money for our guests when they switch
    from bringing bottled water and use our PUR WATER system. No hassle with
    lugging home heavy bottles of water and us getting rid of all the empty bottles.

  5. Eastside wall, as you come in, has been replaced with over 1000 Castlewalls.

  6. Also adding Castlewalls to Westside of BEATTY POND, as time allows.<

WHAT'S NEW at BEATTY'S for 2005-2006:
  1. FALL/WINTER discount rates for Units: A/B/C:
    20% DISCOUNT: 1, 2 or 3 nights: A/$96, B/$80 and C/$64.
    40% DISCOUNT: 4 nights to ONE MONTH: A/$72, B/$60 and C/$48.
    50% DISCOUNT: ONE MONTH or more: A/$60, B/$50 and C/$40.

  2. 10% LOYALTY DISCOUNT on Units: A/B/C for guests that have stayed for
    4 times or more in Units: A/B/C.

  3. SINGLE RATE for all Units, $10 OFF double rate.

  4. CAMPING for 2: $20 first day, then $15/day. Single take $5 off/day.

  5. 24 Solar LED walk lights and 4 solar LED spot lights.

  6. 3 Motion Sensors that announce guest/birder arrival, better to serve you thing.

  7. New low energy 9.5 cu ft fridges with freezer in Units: A, C and E.

  8. Wood burning stoves in Units E/F for heat.

  9. New UNLOCKED GATE for going to the Controlled Access Site (CAS), no
    permission needed for less than 3, more than 3 ask for permission. Please
    read SIGN on gate for more info. Also look for the HUMMINGBIRD CROSSING
    SIGN as you walk up the road that points the way to the CAS bridge.

  10. New Hummingbird viewing site, NW corner of property, call the "Solitude"
    This site has only one bench and overlooks a pond. The bench is shaded
    from noon on.

  11. New 6 foot high fence on all sides of property. The fence was moved west to
    our property boundary, so some native trees are now in the Orchard.

  12. Extended the Black Iron Fence from the Grey Arch Bridge to West of the Store.

  13. Took down the East/West fence that was behind the CAS and made the trail
    to the CAS/HW somewhat easier to climb.

  14. Added a trail from the Southside of the CAS bridge to the Westside of our
    property along the creek, a new great place to bird.

  15. NEW red oak flooring in Units: A/B.

  16. More Landscaping: mostly on eastside by adding more garden space,
    planted 100 apple trees and removed lots of rocks from the Orchard.

  17. 550 and 1550 gallon water tanks for fire protection etc.

  18. Two more parking spaces.

  19. AZGF supplied a $7906.20, 70x140 foot rubber liner for the BEATTY POND
    that is a work in progress. The permanent water pond has been invaded
    by Ramsey Canyon Leopard Frogs and now has egg masses and tadpoles.
    There are over 20 tubs full of water plants which give the frogs protection,
    a place to lay eggs and get food. We are working on terracing the sides with
    over $4000 worth of castlewall bricks, so that plants can be on the terraces.
    For example: The Eastside is now a 20x140 foot vegetable garden.

    The overflow was made to run down the Northside of Miller Road to make a
    150 yard stream for wildlife use. A great place to look for birds and butterflies.

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