April 2012 Board of Police Commissioners Meeting

Marshal Cloud started off the meeting with his monthly report. Cloud stated that again the highest number of reported items was animal problems. That could be anything from deer in their yards or cows or barking dogs. As our Animal Control Officer learned in his training it is very important for us to continue to actively report all of the calls in his arena.

The other two highest areas of calls were information reports and suspicious activity. Although they are very high, I think it is a good thing, it is based on encouragement the Deputies and I have given to the public to report things in their neighborhood.

We have increased activity in the Marshals Assist on the night patrols, it was requested from citizens that see a lot of them during the day but wanted them to be doing more activity at night so I rearranged some of their schedules. This last month they provided 435 hours of volunteer time on foot and mobile patrol and the Arizona Rangers have provided over 100 hours of patrol.

With our recruiting efforts we have finalized a couple of background investigations and we are just waiting on approval from Post, there auditor actually has to come down and go through the entire background packet. We are hoping to get him to come down here next week unless we have someone going to Phoenix we can seal them up and take it to them. We are actively requiring a retired Police Sergeant; the goal is to have him be the central point for administrative paperwork and reports. He is very familiar with the Spillman report system; he is a retired Police Officer from Cochise County so he is very well versed in our Cochise County Prosecutor system. If we get him here, it will be no cost to the city.

We have completed all of the titles for the vehicles in the impound lot. The auction is going to take place this Saturday starting at 9:00am; I donít anticipate it going any longer than an hour or hour and a half. Our Evidence Technician has been working very hard in getting this all put together; she has done a very good job. Any monies received will be deposited into the Cityís General Fund.

We have submitted two grant applications to the Department of Homeland Security for funding of overtime, mileage and communications equipment. There was another recent change to the public records laws that the Archivist Nancy Sosa brought to my attention. It did short in the amount of time we are required to keep audio recordings from 60 days to 30 days. We still canít do it so that was the reason we authored those grants. Commissioner Hritz offered his and his wifeís services in helping me obtain and write more grants if it arises.

There was a request for the Chamber case to see if there has been any reimbursements made, I talked with the President of the Chamber today and there hasnít been any reimbursements so far. I was to meet with the Attorney Generals Investigators today but he has some stuff to deal with so I am planning trying to go up to Tucson to meet with him. I will report back to the Council on the progress.

This last month, Mayor Schmidt asked me to look into the random drug testing process for city employees. City Ordinance 1-19-4-9 does allow for the testing of the employees for cause and for all new hires but it doesnít allow for any of the random drug testing. I did visit with the City Attorney and he kind of gave me some guidance on what I would need to do to offer the changes to the Ordinance and that would be brought to Mayor and Council for approval. There is several companies that have the software, basically random number generated software where we would just put the employee number. If Mayor & Council did decide to move forward with it we could contract with the local clinic so we donít have to send the employees out of town or lose valuable work time. I will keep you updated as we progress.

Councilman Korbeck-Reeder said that we are going to be losing our van from the Food Bank, she asked Marshal Cloud if there is a van in the impound yard they can use.

Cloud said that there is one available but we had used it previously and it was in very poor condition and is in worse condition now. We can see if there is a vehicle available through the surplus program, Mr. Barnes and I can probably make that happen pretty quickly.