Close by restaurant within 6 miles:
Our store has a Sierra Vista Convention & Visitors Bureau's RESTAURANT MENU BOOK.


Restaurant List: beginning with the closest,
North from Miller Canyon Rd on Hwy 92.

Arizona's SMOKE FREE LAW has made Bars/Restaurants SMOKE FREE.

The Pizzeria Mimosa, Lone Star and Ricardos are all at Nicksville, about 3/4 mile North of Miller Canyon.

Pizzeria Mimosa: A Neapolitan dining experience, dedicated to serving you the freshest, most authentic
Neapolitan Pizza this side of the Mediterranean and other Italian food. Outside Patios and Bar. Little pricey. (520) 378-0022.
Nice write-up in the SV Herald                                                                                  

Lone Star Cafe: Texas home cooking, very large portions, breakfast/lunch. (520) 378-4000. Open at 6 AM.

Ricardos is Mexican/American and will REOPEN mid-July, moderately priced, good food, dinner only. (520) 378-3220.

Mesquite Tree: about 2 miles, more upscale but still a family atmosphere, good food, dinner only.
(520) 378-2758.

Fortune Cookie Chinese Restaurant: Just over 5 miles, nice lunch for $3.99, (520) 803-9791.

The Outside Inn: Just over 5 miles, nice atmosphere, same as Mesquite Tree, but more expensive/roomy,
good food but small portions, lunch/dinner. Birder friendly, member of SABO. (520) 378-4645.

Country House: Over 5 miles, was a Country Kitchen, breakfast/lunch/dinner, good food/prices,
(520) 378-4400. We stopped going here, because they were not friendly toward the SMOKE FREE LAW.

The Irish Pub & Steakhouse: about 5 miles, lunch/dinner, good food/prices, very pleasant atmosphere.
Just before the Highway 92 Cafe and back of it. (520) 378-6835.

Highway 92 Cafe: about 5 miles, breakfast/lunch, good food/prices, pleasant atmosphere. (520) 378-2092
Opens at 6 AM.

Delios is Italian, about 5 miles, very good, moderately priced, take out if you like. (520) 378-1066.

McDonald's 5.6 miles. At the Stop Light turn East On Canyon de Flores.

Manda Le Restaurant & Lounge: 5.69miles. At the Stop Light turn East On Canyon de Flores. Great Food.
520) 803-9668. Has weekday lunch specials for $3.99, Good happy hour place 3-7 PM.

Reservations are requested at Ricardo's, Mesquite Tree and The Outside Inn for dinner.

If going WEST of SIERRA VISTA early in the morning the "LANDMARK CAFE"
just east of the main gate of Fort Huachuca, 400 W. Fry Blvd - Suite #1
(520-459-4624) is a great place, open at 6 AM, try their $2.99 breakfast special.

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