BEATTY'S Miller Canyon ORCHARD/Garden Info:

Orchard: Our Orchard is located in Miller Canyon nestled between two peaks: Miller/9466' & Carr/9220',
and lies in a basin on the leeward and eastside of the two Peaks, at 5800 feet. This unique location means
Summer Monsoon Clouds form earlier, Sun comes up later in Winter and goes behind the mountains early in
all the Seasons. Our Orchard relies on an average of 32 inches of rain instead of irrigation.

1. NO SPRAYS are used.
2. Trees are mulched with straw/compost and fertilized with steer/chicken manure and wood ashes.
3. Fruit are hand thinned.
4. Not picked before ripe.

Most of the trees were burnt by the 12 June 2011 Monument Fire
and the floods that followed got most of the rest. Only about 50 trees remain,
hence no apples to sell for 2011.

Replanting will start with 250 APPLES and 50 PEAR APPLES in Mar 2012. Also
some of the former Apple Acreage will be planted in Grapes and Gardens.

Hence much of the following is out of date.

Apples: 34 Varieties, 1300 trees. listed in order of ripening.

SUMMER (3): Earligold, Earliblaze and Gravenstein.

FALL (8): Bert's Special, Jonathan, Dolgo Crab, Gala, McIntosh, Spartan, Honeycrisp and Cortland.

Bert's are from C&O Nursery and most likely named after the Co-founder, Bert Snyder. It is a large apple that is picked
for at least 8 weeks here. When green it is a little tart and hard, but then turns into a sweet soft apple. One of the best
sellers at the Sierra Vista/Bisbee Farmers Markets.

WINTER (24): NW Greening, Chieftain, Liberty, Gold Delicious, Galerine**, Red Delicious, Freedom*, Idared, Cameo***,
York, Rome, Hardy Cumberland***. Querina***, Mutsu, Stayman, Winesap, Newtown Pippin, Braeburn, Enterprise*, Red
Fuji, Arkansas Black***, Granny Smith, Goldrush* and Pink Lady**/***
* Nov-Dec 2007 Planting, ** Nov-Dec 2008 Planting, *** Nov-Dec 2009 Planting.

For a more correct order of Apple ripening, with dates, visit Adam County Nursery, Aspers, PA 17304 the place where
we now get all our Trees. Before that it was C&O Nursery.

Asian Pears: 9 Varieties, 27 trees. 24 were planted Mar/Dec 2010.

  • Shinsui - August 15: 1 planted early Mar 2010.
  • Shinseiki - August 20: 1 planted early Mar 2010.
  • Kosui - August 23: 1 planted early Mar 2010.
  • Hosui - August 28: 1 planted 20 Dec 2010.
  • Niitaka - September 17: 2 planted early Mar 2010.
  • Yoinashi - September 20: 2 planted early Mar 2010.
  • Atago - September 23: 2 planted early Mar 2010, 3 more 20Dec.
  • Shinko - September 25: 5 planted 20 Dec 2010.
  • Olympic - October 10: 4 planted early Mar 2010, 2 more 20Dec.

Apricuts: 2 Varieties, 2 trees.

  • Tilton - July 20-24: 1 C&O tree.
  • Harlayne - July 25: 1 planted 20 Dec 2010.

Peaches: 2 Varieties, 2 trees.

  • O'Henry - September 6-10: 1 C&O tree.
  • Victoria - September 15: 1 planted 20 Dec 2010.

Apiary: We are no longer beekeeping as of November 2002, but still sell honey.

Garden/Greenhouse: The main crop here is Rhubarb from over 100 plants. Plus Tomatoes, Cukes,
Carrots and Summer/Winter Squash.

In 2008 the Orchard brought in $14805 and the garden $3004. We Home Sell and
do Farmer's Markets in Sierra Vista and Bisbee. Just part of our GREEN lifestyle.
Also 3850 pounds of apples were donated to the Salvation Army and the Senior
Centers in Bisbee and Huachuca City.

For 2009 our Gardens as 4 times larger, with one garden covered by a 10'x60'
70% Sunscreen.

For 2010 we have enlarged our main garden by another 20 percent.

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