Huachuca Mountains Hiking from/to Beatty's
Beatty's Guest Ranch adjoins the Miller Peak Wilderness Area and is the best place to stay when Hiking the Huachucas.

Miller Canyon Hiking will be harder because the 2011 Monument Fire/Floods washed out trails
and no repairs on them can hold up until the floods slow. This could take years, however good hikers are still hiking the Eroded
Trails etc. For more on this see the Erosion Comparison Photos of the City of Tombstone work in the Miller Peak Wilderness
and checkout Leonard Taylor's Trails of the Huachucas; Miller Canyon Trail page where Photos were taken.

Leonard Taylor's photo collection for the Miller Dam Site show how the Miller Spring's Area looked around 1900.
Because of the Dam, there were no big trees like the ones Tombstone took down over 110 years later.

For info on Miller Canyon go to the complete online version of Erik Molvar's Hiking Arizona's Cactus Country
and scroll down to page 89 or go directly to PAGE 89 for info and a Map.

Buy Leonard Taylor's Trails of the Huachucas or Take a look at the sample page: Miller Canyon Trail that has a side
hike to the Holenstein Mine where one can get FLUORESCENT/UV-BLACK LIGHT ROCKS like the following:

Learn some Miller Canyon History before you hike, thanks to the Green Valley Hiking Club.

For Hiking information thru out the Huachucas or the entire Coronado N.F and more visit
USDA Coronado N.F./Huachuca Mtn Trail info. etc. Also check out the Rails to Trail website
on what it says about the area trails.

Also Click: Arizona Highway's Tucson Area/South East Hikes for info on some of the trails below.

Just downhill from Beatty's is the parking area for the Miller Canyon Trailhead, the best and fastest,
way to enter the Miller Peak Wilderness Area (MPWA).
The Miller Canyon Trailhead is the start of, or near the start of, four hiking trails that go the four directions
of the compass. The four trails are as follows:

MILLER CANYON TRAIL or USFS #106: (West, uphill)
starts at the trailhead and passes around the NW corner of the Beatty Property, where it enters the
MPWA. The first 1.5 miles of trail is near the canyon bottom after which the trail switchbacks more
than a mile to the Miller Saddle/Bath Tub Spring area and meets the Crest or Arizona Trail.
The first 1.5 miles of this trail is a great birding area.

USDA Coronado N.F./Miller Canyon Hike

HUNTER CANYON TRAIL or USFS #111: (South, up then down)
comes off the Miller Canyon Trail, a couple of hundred yards west of Beatty's and first goes east
before passing over a ridge south and into the Hunter Canyon area.
This trail, just after the start, gives a nice view of Miller Canyon.

USDA Coronado N.F./Hunter Canyon-Clark's Hikes

CLARK SPRINGS - JOHN COOPER TRAILS or USFS #124: (North, slightly uphill)
comes off the Miller Canyon Trail, 100 yards north of Beatty's and goes north into the MPWA, and then
to Clark Springs and Carr Canyon Road. The John Cooper Trail comes off the Clark Spring Trail just
before the MPWA boundary, so as not to be in the MPWA, and is great for mountain bikes.
It rejoins the Clark Spring Trail just before Clark Springs.

Erik Molvar's Hiking Arizona's Cactus Country Clark's Spring page.

POWERLINE TRAIL: (East, downhill)
follows the power line downhill 1.5 miles and meets the PERIMETER TRAIL at the Forest Service
Restrooms/PERIMETER TRAILhead parking area.
The PERIMETER TRAIL at present is 3.7 miles long, and goes from Miller to Carr Canyon. It is very level and
gives a good view of the San Pedro River Valley.

Nice 9 MILE MILLER-CARR LOOP HIKE: (Using some of the above trails)
From BEATTY'S take the CLARK SPRING TRAIL to Carr Road then down Carr Road to Carr's
PERIMETER TRAIL trailhead and then the PERIMETER TRAIL to Miller and finally the

1. Montezuma Pass to Miller Peak (9466 feet) then to Bath Tub Spring and down Miller Canyon to Beatty's
Driving time to Pass, 45 minutes, and a 12 mile hike North and East to Beatty's. 1000 feet Higher
and one mile Shorter, then the 13 mile round trip hike to Miller Peak from Beatty's

See Miller Peak-Crest Trail Hike or Erik Molvar's Hiking Arizona's Cactus Country for info about the
Montezuma Pass to Miller Peak part.

2. Upper Carr Canyon to Carr Peak (9230 feet) then to Bath Tub Spring and downhill to Beatty's

Plan a Hiking/Camping trip in the Huachuca Mountains of Southeastern Arizona (leaving from the
Beatty's) by using Purple Mountain Pack Goats For more info visit the Website or see the Feb 2000
issue of Arizona Highways.

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