NO CAMPING at Beatty's. Try Lower Miller etc.

There is no longer any camping at BEATTY'S because the 12Jul11 FLOOD took out the Campground
and We don't plan to replace it!

The USFS has a parking area in lower Miller Canyon with separate men's and women's Restrooms
that is good for RV's and Tents. Located just up from the end of the Blacktop,

This is the start of a Proposed Perimeter Campground that was to be built Aug 2012.
However now postponed indefinitely because the City of Tombstone's (COT) Pipeline runs thru it.

Info from Peggy Wilson, Main Recreational Specialist, and 5 other USFS personnel that were
up looking, 25Jun12, at how they could keep the Miller Peak Trailhead from Flooding.

As they left they stated that the Trailhead would be best if returned to Nature and moved North across
Miller Canyon Road. This would be good for us and also better for Hikers.

Seems the USFS does not want to rock the boat because of the pending lawsuit.
Just another example of how COT affects our Area. With no Campground, campers
will go elsewhere in Miller Canyon and be in harms way during future Floods.

The below letter stated the campground was to be worked on this Summer.

There is also a CAMPING/PICNIC/PARKING area in Lower Carr Canyon, good for RV's.

Kartchner Caverns State Park in the Whetstone Mountains now have 60 campsites open with
hot showers for $20. For more info visit Kartchner Caverns State Park

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