Description/Prices for 6 Units:

Go directly to RATES without scolding down and learning something about our place.

Taken by Jay Mock Photography from the porch of Unit F, looking North. This view has changed because all the trees
West of the Green cabin and below the Reef were burnt in the Monuments Fire.

GO to Charles Melton's website for Interior Photos of our units.

We ARE STILL OPEN. You can't keep a great place closed even tho the 2011 Monument Fire/Floods hit Beatty's Guest Ranch
& Orchard hard. We are even more of an Oasis for the Upper Miller Canyon Area and this should help to bring in more Rare Birds
in the years to come.

Things are getting better each day. Miller Canyon Road has been fixed and the Trails North to Clark Springs have been repaired.
Some new Trail Signs have replaced the burnt ones.

Miller Canyon Road/Trails will be affected by floods for years. Best to drive a High Clearance Vehicle if coming during the Monsoons.
Miller Canyon Trail, up Canyon, to the Spotted Owls etc. was washed out and the pipeline work by the City of Tombstone has not helped.

The trail will not be worked on for a couple of years, only people that are good hikers should do this hike.

We have bought a Tractor with backhoe to get our place in working order and it is helping a lot. For example:

On this side of Miller Creek, Cabin A and Unit B are available, but Unit C will be closed for sometime.

Units D/E/F are open, but will be harder to reach, because the creek bed is wider and deeper and the bridges were
washed away. They are closed down for Fall/Winter anyway, but will be open this Spring. The area around these
units were NOT BURNT, so D/E/F are still great to sit outside and enjoy nature. Our prices are great too.

We are a working Farm/Orchard at the above scenic location that has opened our 10 acres to the birding public
and because of this have received many nice emails from people that have stayed or watched Hummers

Hummingbird Viewing will be more controlled starting in 2012. We plan to have only 4-5 feeders in the Gazebo for the
Handicapped and the rest across Miller Creek at the CAS.

The CAS will be harder to reach and we must make sure that all NON-Guests know this and are up to it.

Feeders still will be at Units A and B, for Guests only.

We only want happy GUESTS. If a Rural setting reached by driving off the pavement is not your cup of tea, then
don't read any further.

We don't book tours of more than 8 people and limit them to 3 units. Please don't book part of your tour here and
the rest elsewhere! The coming and going of non-guest/guest tour members is just too much. If you do then

The addition of an antenna booster to our wireless modem allows guests to receive Internet Service at the Picnic Table
from the Handicapped Only Viewing Area/Gazebo/Store and in Units B/C.


SPRING-SUMMER/22MAR-21SEPT double occupancy daily RATES: A: $120, B/D: $100, C/E/F: $80

For SINGLE OCCUPANCY take $10/DAY off above double occupancy rates.

For each additional person over double occupancy, ADD $20/DAY.

Maximum number of people in Units: 4 in A/B/C/D and 2 in E/F.

Two day minimum, unless requested one day stay is before/after a booking or within a week of stay.

NEW for 2006: FALL-WINTER/22SEPT - 21MAR double occupancy daily DISCOUNT RATES as follows:

Please PAY balance due ON ARRIVAL, not later when one needs to look us up. We are sometimes hard to find ETC.
It works great when guests have THEIR check/cash ready at CHECK-IN.

10% LOYALTY DISCOUNT on unit price only, for guests that have
stayed in our UNITS, 5 times or more.

Stays of 31 days or longer have no lodging tax. Shorter stays have a Transient lodging tax of 7.05%

A LIMITED CHILDREN POLICY decided on an individual basis, please phone to reserve.
Small Children are limited to Units: B/C and need to be SUPERVISED at all times.

Reservations are HELD FOR 10 DAYS pending receipt of ONE NIGHT'S COST or 25% of total bill,
whichever is GREATER. (Travelers/Personnel Check or Cash only) For those people that don't send
a deposit and are still booked at arrival time, we will flag them for full payment next time or just not
let them book again!  YES, We have a few people that book and then book somewhere else and don't
un-book here.

Since it cost so much to send a deposit for international guests, we are letting them PAY ON ARRIVAL
with Cash, Money Order or Travelers Check. We are just asking them to keep us posted if they have a
change in their travel plans.

Cancellations: Refund will be made only if notification is received 14 days prior to the arrival
date and may be charged a $15.00 service fee.

1: ORIGINAL Cabin A, Apts: B/C

Amenities are provided: including linens, dishes/cooking utensils.

Unit A, a snug turn of the century cabin. (photo taken in October)

All 3 ORIGINAL Apts/Cabin have a Kitchen with Fridge, Microwave and electric Stove Top, Shower and Fireplace. Unit B also has a Tub. Only Cabin A has a regular oven.

Unit A (563 sq ft) is a cabin built in 1911, suitable for up to four Adults. There is a queen bed in the bedroom and a queen futon in the living room. Double Occupancy Rate $120/day ($96 fall-winter). Note: The queen futon has an 8" mattress and is as good as a regular bed.
Unit A is the green Cabin in the background, Duplex Units B and C are in the foreground.

Unit B (871 sq ft) upstairs and has lots of large windows. Suitable for up to four adults and two kids. There is a queen bed in the bedroom and a queen futon in an alcove off the dining area. Plus a single bed and a sofa bed in the living room. Double Occupancy rate $100/day ($80 fall-winter). Note: The queen futon has an 8" mattress and is as good as a regular bed.

Unit C (755 sq ft) downstairs, open floor plan with queen bed, double futon and a single bed. Suitable for up to 4 adults. Double Occupancy Rate $80/day ($64 fall-winter).

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2. WALK-IN Cabins: D/E/F

Amenities are provided: including linens, dishes/cooking utensils.

that charge photo equipment, computers, cells phones etc. and bring electric
appliances should only rent A/B/C because Units D/E/F are on solar power and
have limited excess power. Also solar power can harm their equipment.

The following comments were taken from our DC to AC Inverter Manual:
Rechargeable Devices: When first using a rechargeable device, monitor its
temperature for 10 minutes to ensure it does not become abnormally hot.
Excessive heat will indicate that it is incompatible with the inverter.
Some products can be damaged when used with modified sine-wave power. If in
doubt, check with the product's manufacturer.

These 3, OFF THE GRID and ACROSS THE CREEK cabins are great for ADULTS that like solitude.
They are reached by an UPHILL 150-200 yard hike and should only be rented by ADULTS who can
HIKE UPHILL and are in tune with nature. Don't bring outside electric appliances because the solar
system CAN NOT HANDLE IT!  Don't put more in the fridge than needed! 
Units: E/F are limited to 2
ADULTS and Unit D is limited to 4 ADULTS.

The WALK-IN CABINS are great for light cooking, however if wanting to do more cooking/partying
then Units: A/B/C would be best.

No BQ's are allowed at Units: D/E/F, because of their remoteness!

Units: D/E/F can be booked between First day of Spring and First day of Fall: 21 March and 22 Sept.
Note: We have an ATV to bring in your Luggage and Supplies.

Unit D (486 sq ft) Western Cedar PAN ABODE 486 Eagle Nest 2 bedroom Cabin: with Deck, Solar Power, Composting Toilet, Shower and a Wood Stove-Fireplace for heat.

A small Kitchen Area contains: a Sink, Microwave,  Electric Fridge, 2 burner Stove Top and a Coffee Pot with Coffee packets.

Surrounded by tall trees makes this hidden cabin a very good place to just sit on the DECK and enjoy the birds.
Unit D: SECLUDED "HIDEAWAY", built Aug 2001. Double Occupancy $100/day.
Single $90/day. 2 single beds in each bedroom, and a queen size futon in the living
room. The queen size futon with 8" mattress is very comfortable.

Units E/F (240 sq ft) HANDYHOME Pine Cabin: with Solar Power, Composting Toilet and Shower. NEW for 2005: E/F now have Wood Stoves for heat.

A small Kitchen Area contains: a Sink, Microwave, Electric Fridge, 2 burner Stove Top and a Coffee Pot with Coffee packets.

These two cabins have great views of the Reef, Carr Peak, Miller Canyon and the San Pedro Valley.
Units E/F: SECLUDED "HAWK VIEW", built April 2002. Double Occupancy $80/day.
Single $70/day. A SINGLE bed in partition area and QUEEN-size bed in main area.

Photo by David Bly, from the Forest Service Trail outside the NW corner of our property, that shows Unit E on the right and Unit F on the left.

For those interested on how to build on a remote site like this! Stop by and see our SOLAR, GRAY WATER (bathroom sink/shower waste water) and BLACK WATER SYSTEM (kitchen sink waste water) that comply with county health regulations.

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