Letter to the Editor: Oh boy itís election time again I canít wait!! First we get to see all those annoying signs along the road (subliminal advertisement). Then we get to read in the papers about whose a bad guy and whose the good guy. Wouldnít it be nice to read the facts about the candidates instead of a bunch of false accusations and self proclamations. Just like the lady who wrote about Phil Korte resignation finally some truth about what happened. Now we have the council wanting another guy to be the director even though they thought Phil was the right guy for the job and probably more qualified than the new one. Since Phil did give a written resignation I see no reason the council shouldnít hire him back after all they said is was the right man for the job, to bad Jack wasnít the right man for the job. If he was he would have tried to work things out with Phil in the first place. Then I read Steve Troncales wifeís article about how bad Steve (the Mayor) is and heís no good for town. Well lets look at her husband I donít know most of his history but I do know that he bent the rules so he could keep his mule in the city limits. Also after attending the meeting about the by-pass Iím pretty sure that he is for the by-pass for historical reasons even though it would be very bad for everyone in town. Sounds like he is for saving the buildings but not the businesses. Next I read about the two councilmen who are out bullying the local street performers and the owner of the trolley for personal grudges. When they misused their power and got the deputy to do something while the marshal was away then they talk about firing the deputy, I think it should be the two councilmen who should be fired for interfering with the marshals dept. It would be great if we did like they did in the old days and elect a marshal instead of the mayor and council being in control of the marshals dept. The only councilperson I havenít heard about doing anything bad for the town is Stacey Reeder seems to be she is the only one more concerned about the town instead of their own personal interests. Sounds like it is time for the other three to hit the road before they drag this town through the mud anymore! I appreciate Jack helping finish up some of the projects he started unless this is just more campaigning on his part. I canít wait to see the pictures in the paper when they do the shovel brigade event in the mountains. Iím sure it will be of the ex-mayor and his two henchmen and if Steve is not there do to the fact that he has two businesses and a town to run they will bad mouth him and say he doesnít care about our water. Just because you run around getting your picture in the papers doesnít mean your doing a good job, pictures donít tell the whole story. It should be helpful though if Jim, Randy and Jack are their because they know how to shovel, who do you think shovels most of the shit in this town! I really wish that we could read the facts on paper (not in the papers) about the candidates before deciding who to vote for instead of voting blindly by who has the most or biggest signs out on the road.. Remember folks this is an election not a popularity contest just because you donít like the guy doesnít mean he is not the best for the job! We already see how that worked out up in the White House. I will not sign this for fear of Jack and his Henchmen (Jim Daughertry and Randy Davis) Please vote smart or donít vote at all!