Committee on Natural Resources                                            01 June 2012
Dear Honorable Members:
HR 5791 is a bad Bill because of the following reasons:
1. It will not solve the City of Tombstone (COT) Water Problems, because due to the 10
year or so Drought, the Monument Fire, and related Floods there is very little water
to get, even if they go after all 25 sources of water the City has their eye on.
The COT has increased their budget by a Third, up over $500,000, most of which I believe
has to do with Goldwater Institute: Tombstone VS United States. This is only a start on the
COT costs.
It would be better if the COT took advantage of the Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed at Tombstone, Arizona see
and drilled a new well there and used Solar Power.
This would make a great PR Story for the COT, plus help Fort Huachuca comply with the
Federal Mandate of balancing Groundwater Use. See
Appendix B Public Law 108-136 (Section 321)
It seems that the Goldwater Institute is Holding the COT hostage because of the way
the COT politics works. Here are a couple of links for understanding on that:
Herb Linn's letter #1 to Tombstone News Editor
Herb Linn's letter #2 to Tombstone News Editor
2. At present the COT is getting water from 3 spring areas, two more than before the Monument
Fire of last year. What they have done to do this has really hurt the Miller Peak Wilderness Area
and the Wildlife therein.
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Sincerely yours
Tom Beatty Sr.
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