Firstly, I applaud Mr. Linn’s article in last week’s edition if this paper calling to question several items concerning Mr. Davis’s record. I can see no available response for Mr. Davis to grasp in his defense.

Secondly, Mr. Davis you’re correct I did call you a few times & twice on one subject in particular. You did answer your phone. However as a result of those two calls, about two months apart, I received no ‘action’ from you. I eventually contacted our Building Inspector personally to initiate the clean up process on the dump like residence in this ward. He knew of the residence in question, but had not received an official request to begin action...from you or anybody else. Although not yet complete, the owner has taken numerous steps to comply with the clean up order.

Indeed, you are truly delusional if you think that I ran the recall, or considered running in this election as a result of “anyone’s” request, in any Ward. IF you’re so “sure” then you need to identify that person as opposed to the presumptive BS. My sole basis was due to being severely disappointed in your representation for this ward, my personal experience with you, and wanting to help to correct the disservice you provide. I must ask, should we residents stand at our windows & wait for the infamous Davis drive-by then assume that this indicates you’re doing your job?? Just saying....

While gathering signatures for the recall, I met with numerous residents who didn’t know who you were or had ever seen you. Thus, my comment about the shooting gallery, as that’s where they may find you, (Fri thru Mon at least). I found no one who indicated you had ever taken the time to visit their homes & speak to them in person. Something I believe a good representative councilman should do periodically during his tenure. Most out here are home on Saturdays or Sundays during the early evening hours, & this presents a prime opportunity to visit to get a general feel for the people in the ward, & their concerns....which is when I obtained the signatures. Now, if you’re to busy to even take these simple steps, you’re probably to busy to properly represent this ward.

If for a moment you think this is way off base, then ask yourself why you have others running against you in this election & why they too feel you’re not doing your job for us. Additionally, why they have been asked by numerous residents in this ward to do so. Personally, I chose to withdraw from this race as I feel there are two good & qualified candidates, (Mr. Linn & Mrs. Bachman), already in line. Additionally, there’s a sizeable amount of crap & bickering going on in city gov’t these days, & I just don’t want to be involved in all that.

What amazes me about you Mr. Davis is all the rhetoric you spew in your defense as you lash out in the paper to anyone who questions your capabilities. I know if I was receiving as much flack as you are, & as many people were as upset with the job I was doing...I would not hesitate to simply move on & maybe learn from my mistakes. Seems that would be the most ‘honorable’ thing to do, at any rate.

Enough said....
Richard Fenton