How recent illegal traffic affects Us in Miller Canyon:

People as always asking border problem questions, mainly because of the Forest Service sign that states

This sign at the end of pavement on Miller Canyon Road is just one of many similar signs thru out the Huachucas.

We have never felt threatened by the activity that is stated on the sign, but worry more about them starting forest
fires. Which happened in June 2011, see 2011 Monument Fire/Floods

We have more trouble with the local Hereford yokels that think they can do and say anything. Dogs off leash and
Drunks in the middle of the night are the worst.

Then there are the West Coast subdivision birding/limp wrist lefty newcomers, some of which try to push their
narrow minded West Coast views on rural Arizonans.

The 6 foot high strong horse fence on the property boundary and the dogs within really are what works. Anything
unusual the dogs are on it.

Many birders and hikers carry at least a cell phone, some also guns and bags for trash like this

The above photo from the Hunter-Miller ridgeline area, where 3 bodies were found in 2008-09.

If you are REALLY UNEASY after reading the above, then don't get off the pavement when visiting SEAZ and join
the "Some people should not get off the pavement" club.

I'm using articles from the Sierra Vista Herald to make this more interesting.

However since I did this, the Herald has gone to a format that only lets you look at past online articles if you pay.

10Nov06: Skeleton found by Tom Jr when deer hunting.

According to one of the deputies, the skeleton could be all clean in two months, here is a photo

This person had shelter under a pine tree up against a rock, in other words not where he could be easily found.
Sheltered from: Sun, Rain or Snow. JR found him because he saw a deer go that way and went to investigate.
As you can see the leg bones were exposed. JR used a stick to peek up the blue jacket sleeve and saw fingers.

The following Sierra Vista Herald article goes with the above.

Skull with bullet hole investigated as homicide



SIERRA VISTA — U.S. Forest Service personnel found a human jaw bone and skull with a bullet hole in the Miller Canyon
area in late December, according to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office.

On Nov. 10, human bones without a skull were found in the same area by deer hunters. The skull and jawbone were found
as Forest Service personnel fought a wildfire the morning of Dec. 27.The firefighters brought those bones to sheriff’s deputies
to prevent their destruction at the scene of the wildfire, said Carol Capas, a sheriff’s department spokeswoman.

The firefighters reported they could not find any other bones with the skull and jaw.

“Suspicious circumstances exist due to what appeared to be an entry point (in the skull) of a bullet,” she said. “(The) exit point
seems to be the right eye socket.”

It is unknown whether the bones found the month before were from the same body, but it has not been ruled out, Capas said.
The bones were found about a quarter mile away from the skull’s location.

The sheriff’s department is waiting for results from a scientific examination in Tucson.

“We are investigating it as a possible homicide. The bones have been turned over to the medical examiner’s office, and
subsequently he transported it to a forensic anthropologist in Tucson — a bone expert,” Capas said.

The county medical examiner also sent the bones found in November to the expert.

The medical examiner reported that the skull “possibly belonged to a white male in his early 30s to early 40s, not believed to have
been deceased more than 10 years,” Capas said.

The deputy report filed at the time the first bones were found noted a nearby makeshift bed of burlap and a blanket between two
branches, Capas said. The location of the remains was between Miller and Carr peaks, nearest Miller Peak and west of Crest Trail,
next to a fire helicopter landing spot.

Animals had scattered the bones, and no skull was found at that scene, the deputy reported.

Forest Service personnel told deputies the human skull with the bullet hole found a quarter mile from the previous month’s find
“was approximately a four hour hike (from the base of the mountain) to the location in question,” Capas said.

The Forest Service described the coordinates where the skull was found as being on the face of the Huachucas, 31 degrees north
24.325, and west 110 degrees 18.983, Capas said. At this time, it is covered with ice and snow.

HERALD/REVIEW reporter Gentry Braswell can be reached at 515-4680 or by e-mail at

20Jan07: Sierra Vista Herald article that states the skull and skeleton match. Another Sierra Vista Herald article
states the body could have been there 10 years or longer.

Fall of 2008: USBP told JR that he saved a male illegal's life. Here is the story!

At 3:45 AM, JAKE, Jr's new Walker Hound/Lab mix, starting barking and would not stop. So JR got up and
heard a very soft human voice calling from the Wilderness area that is West of our property. When I got up
at 5:30 AM we decided to call the USBP. By this time JR had a good idea from where the calls came from, so
he started out to look. Just after the USBP arrived, he called the house on his cell phone, that Jake had located
the person about 100 yards downhill from where JR was walking. The man had his shirt off and could not
stand or speak and was puking bile. JR gave him his shirt and waited until the USBP arrived. It took them
about 90 minutes to bring the man down from the off the trail very steep area. Fry Medical personnel gave
him an IV and drove him away. He told the USBP that his coyote beat him up. He had a boot sole mark on
his backside.

A photo of the real hero "the nose knows" JAKE.

We have had 2 drug incidents because the carriers saw
family members and ran. Plus have watched the USBP
in others.

1. Pre-9/11 day time: Over 500 pounds of Pot on Miller Canyon Road. Border Alliance Group came and picked it up.
2. Post 9/11 night time: Two backpacks of Pot, USBP came and picked it up.

We only report illegal sightings, when asked by people or
when we think the USBP has a chance of catching them.
Two of these involved Search and Rescue and were written
up in the local paper.

1. Two PG women had to be carried out of the Wilderness area after falling 20 feet.
2. Five year old girl taken by guide/coyote overnight, 12 adults 

We have an average of 6 incidents yearly where illegals
come to our property for help. We call the USBP and
give them food and water from our store. For example:

Winter/Spring of 2007-2008:
1. Dogs barking at midnight, shouts of Aqua, Aqua. USBP called. Woman rescued with bad foot, along with 2 men.

Summer of 2008: Had 3 single illegals come in during a 10 day hot period:
1. Crying young woman came to West fence when JR was working there at 6 AM.
2. Man walking on one leg with poles in each hand, because of bad foot.
3. Man coming across border alone, did not trust guides, just wanted to go back.

Fall of 2008:
1. Dogs barking and shouts from Wilderness Area, called USBP: two male illegals rescued, one had bad foot.
2. Gave water to male illegal, who then walked downhill on Road, called USBP: they picked him up.

Here on I will enter CLOSE BY incidents as they occur.

07Jan09: Body found by Tom Jr because when He was walking the dogs inside the Orchard, all of them wanted to go up Canyon
really bad. So he let them out and they ran up to the Hunter Trail Sign and found the body. Guess they know more than we do
about this kind of thing, the nose knows. The body had been dragged over 1/4 mile off the mountain and left for the first hiker
up canyon. No shoes, only socks. Had over 15 officials up here.

No other people came up that day, so it would have been found the next day by hikers/birders.

19Jan09: 7 young male adults seen by birders on Miller Canyon Trail just uphill from our property, later seen by guest
on road downhill (see 01 Feb09 incident below).

28/29Jan09: USBP Helicopter/Vehicles/Dogs barking: At least 10 illegals caught downhill per camper.

01Feb09: (Super Bowl Sunday) Mexican backpacking club hike in Miller Canyon
(Really daytime drug smugglers waiting off the Miller Canyon trail for birdwatchers to pass)
I only knew about this because of the newspaper article.

12/13Feb09: USBP agents find Woman body on Hunter-Miller ridgeline.
Around noon, 12 Feb, the USBP were trying to round up a group of illegals in the area where the body was found.
My understanding they got several of the illegals.

05Mar09: 8 AM, Hiker counted 23 illegals on Clark's Spring Trail, asked JR to call USBP. No additional info.Other
then around noon some hikers sighted an illegal downhill. Could be the coyote/guide returning to Mexico.

17Mar09: U.S. Border Patrol sees ‘whole new element’ coming over

17Mar09: Tom JR took part in this 2 day illegal trash Huachuca Mountain pickup in Brown Canyon

18Mar09: USBP arrived around 01:00 AM and had 1 illegal in Trailhead Parking Area by 8:00 AM and 7/8 more
coming down. Over 20 illegals got away.

18Mar09: U.S. Border Patrol sees 'whole new element' coming over

19Mar09: USBP vehicles in Trailhead Parking Area, early morning.

19Mar09: JR jumped 2 illegals on the Clark Springs Trail during his dusk walk.

20Mar09: Large group of unknowns walked by around 4:30 AM, no cars in Trailhead. Most likely illegals.

25Mar09: 2 illegals crossed Miller Canyon Road, when Cabin A left for the evening.

28Mar09: The dogs barked at 20-30 illegals when JR was doing his nightly dusk walk around the property.
2 USBP agents responded to the call around 7 PM and JR showed them were the illegals went, however the
illegals were not seen. Tracks down by downhill smuggling sign shows that a large group got into a vehicle.

29Mar09: USBP agent went thru orchard after 100 illegals on Crest, no info on outcome.

05Apr09: At least 6 illegals caught downhill by USBP agents.

09Apr09: 9:30 AM. Ron/hiker, asked us to call the USBP and report 14 illegals on the John Cooper Trail.

17Apr09: 11AM, Carrie, saw 5 illegals, downhill.

22Apr09: Last night was a busy time for the USBP down canyon, so they took 1.5 hours to get the 2 illegals
I had. These 2 made lots of noise back and forth with me before they found me at our fence. Good entertainment
for all our guests.

27Apr09: A USBP agent walked 7 illegals out from the Hunter/Miller ridgeline, along our eastside fence around
3 PM. Three others got away. Nice eye opener for people at the CAS.

28Apr09: Late afternoon, 5 PM. Two of our Guests saw 2 large illegal groups, (70 total) near the Tombstone intake
or First Crossing area.

04May09: Three USBP agents walking from border, via Montezuma Pass-Crest Trail, and passed thru our Property
around 2 AM. No illegals with them. They were tracking a large group of illegals that most likely went on to Ramsey.

07May09: Illegal alien's warming fire started a forest fire near Miller Peak, that was easily put out by Helicopter
dropped personnel. One of 7 fires for the week in the Huachucas, all believed to be caused by Illegals.

16May09: Dogs barked at 4 Illegals that came to the Upper Gate around 5 PM. JR took them to the Store, where
they had: 4 waters, 4 sodas, 4 candy bars and 10 cracker packets. Two had fallen. USBP arrived 1/2 hour later.
All 4 shook my hand and said thanks when leaving.

26May09: Around 3 AM with dogs barking, JR/SR got up a bit late to see illegals running from our access road
and Public Viewing area. From then until when two USBP agents arrived, we heard Spanish coming from the
woods below our place. After about 2 hours of pursuit the agents returned with one illegal. Got close to them
several times, but if they don't want to get caught, you only get one. During daylight hours we found that the
group of 30 Men, Women and Children had lifted the fence at the creek (found backpack inside) on the uphill
side of our property and then walked down the road by Cabin A. This is the first time illegals have walked thru
alone. This, plus talking just below our property for 30 minutes until agents arrive, is a little to much even for Us!

27May09: USBP mounted a pincher operation after a group of 40 illegals by placing special mountain trained
Agents from their Sonoita Sector near Miller Peak and driving them to six Naco Sector agents. Results were
they brought 4 illegals thru our property.

Talking to a Sonoita Sector Agent, I learned the following:
1. Naco Sector has no Mountain Trained Agents.
2. Over 80 percents of illegals in the Huachucas are OTHER THAN MEXICANS (OTM).
3. The OTM pay between $5-20K vs $1-1.5K for Mexicans.
4. That OTM use the Mountains instead of the Valley because harder to get caught.
This to me raises my alert level.

03Jun09: Just before 6 AM, JR ran into 10 illegals up Canyon (about 1/2 mile) at the Tombstone Water area.
They ran away going up the ridge to the North so fast that rocks came rolling down. USBP called, one agent
came, but left with no illegals.

04Jun09: Several USBP agents came down the Mountain around 10:30 PM, no illegals.

07Jun09: One of our guests saw 5 illegals (4 men/1 woman) up canyon near Split Rock Mid afternoon.

13Jun09: Local Hiker reported one illegal ran away from him, 3/4 mile up canyon.

24Jun09: 2 Illegals walked by Edith (empty USBP vehicle parked nearby) as she was getting the mail at 2 PM.
Mailbox is 1.8 miles downhill.

25Jun09: 3 USBP agents walked thru the Orchard at 12:30 AM, walked over from Hunter/Kelly Spring.
Several Illegals sighted, but they ran away.

02Jul09: One of our guests was in upper Ash Canyon and walked into a drug pickup, when he came upon a
SUV that drove out fast past him, and a minute or two later saw a person with one of those long rectangle
packs. Minutes later 2 USBP vehicles arrived.

03Jul09: JR and the dogs found 4 illegals around 6:30 AM by the Westside fence of our property, they wanted
help, but most likely not the USBP. Ran away, but then came back. So I went out at 7 AM and found them on
the trail North of our property. I offered them aqua and led them right into an USBP agent, that just arrived
because of JR's phone call.

11Jul09: Our French camping guest saw Illegals being loaded on Miller Canyon Road around 8 PM.

17Jul09: Many birders were up Canyon for the Brown-backed Solitaire. Here is part of an email that one posted
to BIRDWG05 bird chat: "A group of illegals was making their way down the dry creek bed." (Late afternoon)

19Jul09: Updated article: Packed with illegals, vehicle flips, Several people are injured at Highway 92/Miller Canyon Road
This is the first article, only online more comments, Look for mine.

20Jul09: Illegal rescued from Miller Canyon Took first responder 45 minutes to arrive, so don't get hurt when hiking!!!

25Jul09: Around 50 illegals walked by 2 campers near the Tombstone intake area in the late afternoon.

26Jul09: A wrecked Chevrolet Suburban was found just above the end of the pavement on Miller Canyon Road. High rate
of speed caused it to miss the curve and HIT, MOVE and GO OVER huge rocks at the Northside of the road. Because of
the time between the crash and USBP arriving, nothing more is known, only that it was used to haul illegals.

28Jul09: Had a USBP Helicopter flying just South of Carr Peak around 8-9 AM. here is the reason:

USBP did a pincher operation much like 27May09. A group of around 20 illegals were pushed into 2 Naco Sector agents
(that hiked up from Miller) near Bathtub Springs. 7 gave up upon seeing the 2 agents and had to be taken out by Helicopter.
I talked to 1 of the 2 agents in Trailhead Parking around 3:30 PM. The agent said the operation was still ongoing.

30Jul09: Dogs barking at 10:30 PM led JR to 2 USBP agents climbing over our 6 foot high horse fence. The location was just
20 feet from a gate with an USBP lock. Just another incident that shows some USBP agents are more trouble than illegals.
This fits my comment: "That some agents should not get off the pavement."

03Aug09: Dogs started barking around 2 AM because of USBP activity, went out at 3 AM and found that they  had caught 6
OTM illegals up Canyon. USBP walked them thru the Orchard at 5:25 AM. 4 females and 2 males. One young of each.

06Aug09: At least 20 illegals came off the Miller Canyon Trail at 4 AM and then walked down the Powerline Trail. 2 agents
responded to our call and tried to catch them on foot, however the illegals got into a vehicle at the cattle guard during
the chase. 7 AM one of our guests found a El Salvador female outside our property and brought her in.

07/08Aug09: 10:45 PM, dogs started barking at bird calls, then lights and talking. What was happening was 2 USBP agents
ran into a group of Mexican illegals being chased back South from Clark's Springs. They got 7 of the group. Other agents
continued the chase up higher. Around 1 AM lots of shouting up higher. Don't know if anymore were picked up.

01-23Sep09: A very quite period, most likely do to the 6 young adults arrested operating a people smuggling ring in the area.

24Sep09: A USBP agent drove in at 7:30 AM and asked if we had seen a little girl and her mother. They had picked up
the father on SR92.

15Nov09: 7 PM, an illegal alien walked into our selling area and was picked up a hour later by USBP. The illegal stated that
he had been with 10 others. Most likely they were the 10 that the USBP had at 5:30 the next morning at the Canyon General
store that is a half mile North of Miller Canyon. He told Edith he had fallen, most likely a coyote because of his manner.

21Nov09: Noon, an illegal alien came to our house gate after Edith stopped the dogs from barking. He showed me his hurt
leg, had a knee wrap and scrapes. 4 USBP vehicles responded within minutes because they were in Stump Canyon trying
to get 10 illegals. Our illegal had no papers, said he was from Mexico, but agents did not believe him. He offered me $1000
and did not want the USBP. One agent said that this illegal was the same one reported earlier on the John Cooper trail, just
North of us.

02Dec09: 2 USBP agents carried/walked out a female Guatemala illegal suffering from Hypothermia/Severe Frostbite from Upper
Miller Canyon around 3 PM. They found the woman as they were taking a 60-year-old Dominican male illegal to the Miller Canyon
Trailhead. She had no shoes and had to be carried by the 2 agents through the snow. JR brought a pair of Edith's old shoes to,
them, which helped some.

The two agents were from different sectors, Naco and Sonoita. The agents were part of a group that were trying to get 14
illegals with the help of a Helicopter around noon.

The illegals were worked on by Fry Fire Department EMT's around 5 PM, with the woman taken to the Sierra Vista Hospital and
the man treated for minor injuries at the scene.

I'm sure the 2 agents saved her life.

11Dec09: JR saw at least 12 illegals getting water from Clark's Spring early in the morning and called it in. 4 USBP agents arrived,
2 with dogs. When I talked to them, they had another report from Miller Canyon, that of deer hunters seeing illegals with long arms
and duffel bags. Talked to them when they return 3-4 hours later, no luck, but had 2 illegals walk out to Carr Canyon area roads.

17Jan10: A Soldier walking from the Fort via Crest Trail to Our Place took an illegal trail instead of the Forest Service Miller Trail
Because of this he fell 30-40 feet and arrived much later and in the dark at our place. I thought he had head injuries because he
talked slow, but after talking to the Cab Dispatcher, believe he was a trauma GI from the Mid East wars.

19Jan10: 8 AM: While working outside near the Westside of the Orchard, I hear a man shout in Spanish. It was a Mexican illegal
who had Head/Back injuries when a rock fell. 2 cuts on top of head, one over 2 inches long. USBP called and arrived in 30 minutes.

17Feb10: Very early in the Morning a Helicopter was flying just South of the ridge that is between Us and Hunter Canyon and
they located an 11 year old girl from Honduras that was alone overnight.

24Feb10: Three USBP vehicles arrived just after midnight and when a fourth arrived at 1:30 AM. I went down to find out what was
going on. They were after a large group, but did not get any. I also got the 17 Feb info from them.

Seems like JR located the large group on his 8:30 AM Clark Springs walk. He first saw 6 and phoned that in, then up to 30 after
the Helicopter, 2 USBP agents on horseback and others on foot arrived. He stayed around in touch with the USBP until at least
5 were caught.

At 11 PM at least 2 USBP vehicles were parked in Trailhead parking to start a new day. The agents walked thru the Orchard.

28Feb10: Woke up at 11:20 PM because the dogs were barking and saw vehicle lights down at the Trailhead. Usually I go back to
sleep, but knew something was up, so I walked down. The USBP were loading 15 illegals that they got behind our house.

Dogs barked again after they left and with the full moon, I'm sure more are out there. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what
goes on daily here in Miller Canyon.

03Mar10: Noon, 1 very tired female Mexican illegal was inside the Orchard at the store gate. USBP came within 15 minutes.

04Mar10: Guest when driving up late afternoon came upon a Suburban being loaded with illegals.

09Mar10: Helicopter flying around Miller/Carr Peak area close to ground just before a storm. Must be serious?

11Mar10: New snow shows were 3 USBP agents with dog walked out 5 illegals to Trailhead Parking. Jake and JR treed a
a Mountain Lion in the area.

20Mar10: A 2 hour USBP operation, starting at 5:45 PM, with a USBP Helicopter flying 200 yards North of us for 45 minutes.

We found out what was happening, when Edith and her Cousin and wife came back from visiting Tombstone, that the USBP had
chased a vehicle into Miller Canyon and had a bailout of 4/5 illegals downhill 300 yards from us. Edith drove up to the bailout
area where a wrecker was getting ready to tow the vehicle when a truck rolled down from trailhead parking and a lady yelled
"does anyone have a jumper cable". The Tow Truck Driver told Edith that the lady had a foul mouth. Guess they wore down
their car battery during their 2 hours of beer drinking and loud music in trailhead parking. At this time the BP had only picked up
the bailout driver.

JR walked out to the North, during the Helicopter time, and an agent thought he was an illegal.

The 6 USBP Vehicles, Wrecker, Bailout Van and Truck with 6 drunks was quite an experience for our guests. Don't know what
happen after that.

21Mar10: JR ran into 6 illegals at 7:15 AM, just up canyon during his morning walk with the dogs and called it in.

28Mar10: Dogs barked a lot, at 1 AM toward the gully at the Westside of our property. JR shined his 1,000,000 candle power
light and caused 5-6 illegals to leave several backpacks, blankets etc.

06Apr10: Dogs barked a lot at dusk for 2 hours. In the middle of this time at least 3 USBP vehicles arrived at the trailhead
parking area. See 07April for more info.

07Apr10: Jake barked at an El Salvador illegal, that was looking us over, from the East creek area. Brought him to the store
area and called the USBP. When the agent arrived he said "the illegal was most likely from the group that the 06Apr agents
chased and got 4 from the ridgeline to the South the night before". Also the agent said "2 others walked out this morning".
So this one was #7! Thank GOD for Jake.

11Apr10: JR saw 5-6 illegals high on the South Hunter-Miller Ridgeline during his morning walk up canyon.

13Apr10: 2 Birders saw 3 illegals (up canyon) around 8 AM during their walk to the First Crossing for the Spotted Owls.

15Apr10: JR found out why the dogs barked from 12:30 to 3:15 AM when he talked to 2 USBP agents after they shined their lights
toward our house and made Max bark at 3:15 AM. Seems the agents were tracking a very large group of illegals during the period.
The twice Helicopter flyover was a request by the agents to locate the group. The 2 agents told JR they were 45 Minutes behind
the group, JR replied a group went by the NW property corner around 12:30 AM.

29APR10: Our camper saw around 30 illegals (men/women and children) at 5:20 PM when he was going up canyon, just 200 yards
West of our property, near the Hunter Canyon Trail Sign. Usually they wait until night to come out for their FULL MOON walk.

15May10: At 4 AM the USBP drove in with 3 vehicles because agents were walking from the Border on the Crest Trail after 50 illegals.
Near Miller Peak they caught up with them and got around 12, one of which bit an agent. The illegal that bit the agent was brought out
here and the others were brought out via Hunter Canyon. The agent is being treated at the SV Hospital because of the bite and the illegal
was going to be booked.

Here he is being lead out. Photo taken by our Bushnell Game Camera located at NW property corner.

20May10: JR talking to NBC Phoenix TV station NPNX "Immigrants from across the world sneak across border" Video

22May10: UK Birder up canyon in the Spotted Owl area told to get out by off duty USBP agent running downhill with
gun because 35 illegals coming his way. 6 USBP vehicles arrived in Trailhead Parking Area. One female illegal caught
that was out all night alone and agent therefore said "not from group".

05Jun10: 6 USBP did a Rescue operation around noon by carrying a 38 year old illegal man from the Dominican Republic
downhill, 1 mile, from the area just before the 2nd crossing of Miller Canyon Trail #106. The agents responded to a cell
phone from birders in the area. They brought the illegal thru the Orchard where the Fry Fire Dept EMTs gave him 2 more
IVs (USBP gave him 2), pain medicine and wrapped his broken right foot. He could talk, but was in a lot of pain. Total
number personnel: 8 USBP and 2 Fire Dept 4 man Crews.

17Jun10: Around noon the USBP walked out to the Miller Canyon Trailhead 6 illegals (4 males/2 females from 3 countries)
that they got when they walked the Crest Trail from Lutz Canyon and the Border.

18Jun10: Around 6 AM, JR saw an illegal at the start of the Miller Canyon Trail, who did not want the USBP. The illegal
went backup the trail towards Clark Springs. When 2 agents arrived they followed his tracks until they ran into an big
Black Bear. They thought that the illegal was a Spotter.

24Jun10: The following 2 illegals came by the NW corner of the Property on the Miller Canyon Trail at 8.52 AM and were
photographed by our game camera.

28Jun10: Five USBP agents brought out at 9 AM, 5 double bundles of pot, estimate 10 X 22.2 lbs or 222 lbs.

Two agents out training a new dog went up at 5:48 AM, as tagged by game camera, and the dog lead them to at
least 5 people carrying pot.

The mules usually have extra people to trade off carrying, so most likely a couple more illegals. The 2 agents called
in 4 agents to help carry the pot out thru the orchard. No guests were here, but 4 hikers got to see the show. The
pot was found on the flat land between Miller and Marshall canyons, not far up from our property. Being so close
and in daylight, just means that it is not getting any better.

We are now seeing more USBP agents in Miller, one wonders if the pot bust is the reason?

05-06Jul10: For 2 days USBP agents have been trying to get 30 illegals. First day it was a Hunter/Miller Canyons effort,
second day only here in Miller. Yesterday all they could do was see them at a distance. Night before a Helicopter was
used at dusk downhill. There might be 2 groups of illegals, also I don't know if they got any illegals downhill or in Hunter
the first day. We are just Mushrooms!

11Jul10: Another pot bust like 28Jun10. This time a Helicopter dropped USBP agents off up the mountain earlier in the
morning. The agents came upon 6 illegals, 5 of which were carrying 5 double bundles of pot, estimate 10 X 22.2 lbs or
222 lbs. All this was related to birders looking for the Spotted Owls at 10AM by 3 agents that were walking out. However
the birders were more impressed by the 2 agents going up, one with a M4 semi-automatic rifle.

14Jul10: We were working (around 8 AM) in the garden along the Westside and the dogs would not stop barking, so JR
finally went out and saw briefly one illegal going uphill West of the Green Cabin.

16Jul10: First 3 USBP agents, one with a dog, went up thru the Orchard around 11 AM, then a Helicopter hovered twice
over a flat rock on the Hunter/Miller ridgeline South of us around noon. So when the 3 agents came back around 2 PM
I asked what was going down and one said "The agents let off by Helicopter got to them first and split up a group of 30
illegals and got some".

18Jul10: Our Campers going up canyon this morning for the Spotted Owls, also saw some illegals near Split Rock/Owls.

22Jul10: USBP all around from 12:30 AM for a hour, and back again at 3:30 AM. The early agents where moving a group
of illegals toward Carr, so the action moved over there at 1:30 AM. Don't know if 3:30 AM agents had any luck.

23Jul10: 5:45 AM, JR saw 20 illegals go by the NW Corner of our property and then load into a van. Could not get USBP
directly, phone busy/out of order. Called 911 and a Deputy came within 20 minutes. JR had a Cell phone Photo of the van.

Just another example of more boldness and knowing when USBP change shift. No photos to post of illegals going by the
NW corner, since someone stole our game camera. It will be replaced and welded to a metal pole.

31Jul10: Barry, a Bear Hunter, saw 4 illegals down below him around 10 AM as he was walking at the bottom of the Reef.
in an area about 1/2 mile NW of us. He parked his horse trailer with us overnight.

15Aug10: We had a big Sunday and Saturday night for the USBP here in Miller Canyon.

It started off with 7 USBP vehicles in Trailhead parking at 6 AM, some had been there from the night and others just arrived.

First they brought down a group of 15 illegals around 10 AM, then they started a Rescue operation for 1 illegal that had fallen
from the same group. Four more agents went up, 2 were USBP Borestar EMTS and they carried the illegal out from way above
the second crossing. This second group had 9 agents, and 7 illegals, one of which was the one in bad shape. Fry Fire Dept took
him to the SV Hospital.

Next they started another Rescue operation for at least one of their own, This time up they took 2 Fry EMTS along with Borestar
personnel, they got back down around 3:30 PM. I saw one agent getting an IV, Seems that he was up canyon since 6 PM the night
before, for a total of almost 22 hours and part of a group of agents that should have been off work at 6 AM or earlier. Also they tried
to use a Helicopter to get them out around noon, but the Helicopter could not land, Dropped water etc.

24Aug10: 2 agents, told me they were part of a 24 hour operation and that 5 or 6 USBP scouts were up in the Mountains behind Us.
No more info on this. We are really in the dark most of the time and I only find out info because I go out to talk to the agents.

26Aug10: A Helicopter flew from 8-8:30 PM in the Wilderness Area, 3/8 mile away, using two Spot Lights. We don't have a clue, other
than the area has an illegal trail and the Helicopter was flying along it. No USBP in trailhead parking to ask questions..

27Aug10: Found out more about last night, USBP were after 15-18 illegals. There was a dog handler up there around midnight that was
getting rocks tossed at him, told them to stop or he would send a round their way. Rocks stopped and therefore no shots fired. Because
of this the Helicopter came back at Midnight and they got 2 illegals. The Agents that were out all night came in from Carr Canyon, so that
is why we did not see any until 3 walked out at the Trailhead at 9 AM with 4 more illegals: 2 Males/ 2 Females. 3 USBP vehicles drove into
Trailhead Parking at 6 AM/day shift. The Helicopter came back at 8:30 AM and broke up the group several times, Were more caught?

06Sep10: Mid-day. Talked to 2 USBP agents waiting to be pickup that had just walked down from the Miller/Hunter Ridge and were told that
other agents were walking out 9 illegals further down Miller, 5 male/4 female.

07Sep10: Early morning. Talked to 2 agents that were going up to the Miller/Hunter Ridge to try to get ahead of a large group of illegals being
driven down by other agents. Did not talked to them when they came down, so don't know the results.

22Oct10: Lots of Helicopters flights overhead due to the USFS taking Illegal Alien's Trash out of the Wilderness area.

22 Dec10: After very little USBP activity, agents have returned for their day/night walks up canyon. Being Full Moon and maybe more illegals
are coming this way, because of the death of Sierra Vista USBP agent Brian Terry, NW of Nogales, a week ago. Agent Terry had been In Miller
several times. For example: He was involved in the 15Aug10  Miller Canyon operation above.

Also last Sunday, around 11 AM, a lady drove away from 2 USBP agents (who were on foot) on Ash Canyon Road and hit a vehicle on SR 92
after she ran a Stop Sign. The woman is in critical condition, passenger arrested and 150 pounds of Pot recovered. Ash being closer to the
the border has more illegal activity. The woman and passenger live in Sierra Vista and her passenger told investigators that he is in the
United States on a temporary visa.

10Jan11: Mid morning, USBP had 4 male illegals in Trailhead Parking. Only found out about it because I walked down to a lot of talking.

23 Feb11: Tom Jr located an illegal (around 11 AM) that the USBP was looking for on a ledge of the Reef that is NW of our house. I called the
SV Herald and they came up and then went to Carr Canyon at night to follow the Search and Rescue effort from there. They pulled the man up
400-500 feet, even tho he was only 50 feet from the bottom and JR had climbed up to him.

07Mar11: Four illegals walked up from Trailhead parking and asked to use the phone. They left before USBP got here.

Following are 2 more examples of how we are Mushrooms.

12Mar11: When talking to a Camper on 13Mar, I found out that he was told by USBP that 5 illegals were picked up downhill the day before.

13Mar11: Around 3:30 PM, my Daughter-in-law saw 5 people that she thought were illegals, this was confirmed by an Off Duty USBP Agent
that reported them and was talking to an agent that had the illegals downhill.

27Mar11: 5 AM, USBP lights on the mountain behind us to the NW below the Reef (ours dogs barking) and agents going towards Carr Canyon.
Then a Helicopter around 8 AM that flew around for 1.5 hours. The 10:30 AM wrap up ending with 3 Mexican illegals and nine USBP vehicles
in Trailhead parking. This really shows how hard it is to get illegals from the steep slopes.

By talking to an Agent. I found out that they found a load of Pot the week before in the same general area. Just another event I did not know
anything about.

Also found out that one of the above events, that we called in, and the USBP came up to pick up female, that she had a knife mark on her
throat and had been raped.

13Apr11: Driving out at 5:30 AM there was, about a mile downhill, an USBP truck with an Infrared tower tracking 40 illegals.

18Apr11: 2 USBP vehicles were parked so the agents could talk, so I went down to the Trailhead to see if anything was going on and found
out that there was another High Mountain Operation and agents were bring out 8 illegals. I also over heard on their radio that 4 or 5 groups
of illegals were using Miller Canyon daily and that they don't know what trails they use. I'm sure I was not meant to hear this. Also something
about more on twitter, which is more secure.   Later I saw a Helicopter up around Miller/Carr Peaks, maybe they took the illegals out by Air,
since they did not come out here.

02May11: A USBP Agent stopped his vehicle just before driving into the Trailhead, then got out and looked up canyon towards Miller Peak. I
asked what he was doing and he said looking at a Spotter, who was wearing a dark jacket and blue jeans. There are hundreds of Spotters in
SEAZ. The USBP knows some of there locations and this is one of those.

12May11: Two illegals were seen by a Guest when hiking to Miller Peak, later the 2 were sighted by SABO Canyon Walk Birders at the Tombstone
Intake Area (TIA), or about 1/2 mile West of our property. The same morning, JR found a 4 liter bottle cache of fortified water just downhill.

25May11: Around 8 AM we had 2 illegal's wave to us from the NW corner, so I went up and got 3. They were in trouble because 2 days before
an Oso Negro (big black bear) ate all their food. They ran from the Bear. USBP came and I said there were 3 more on the trail. They got 2 for
a total of 5. Later a female birder that saw all 6 around 7 AM, said "one had long hair" and that was the one that got away.

They almost walked off, but I got them to stay longer because I offered them our phone and the USBP arrived in time pulling a Horse Trailer
containing 3 horses. A second vehicle arrived shortly after. I knew what Oso Negro meant because it is a brand of Mexican Booze.

The Monument Fire of 12 June and the following floods slowed up illegal activity, but only for a little awhile.

17Aug11: An example of how hard it is to walk above our place after the fire/floods was shown when USBP brought 12 illegals down Miller
Canyon. What would have been a 10 minute walk turned into 3 hours because one female had a hard time walking. 2 were women and a young boy.

03Sep11: Around 6:30 AM a Helicopter was circling around the Hunter-Miller Ridgeline to the South. It turned out that they were picking up
drugs. The Helicopter caught the drug runners napping and got one mule plus a lot of Drugs.  This info I got from a USFS Law enforcement Officer
that was parking near by.

04Sep11: Helicopter again back at the same spot/time, but don't know what went on. Did have 2 USBP agents and one USFS agent with dog
walk from the South into Trailhead Parking around 6 AM, They had come up around 1 PM. Maybe they missed some drugs from the day before.
Bundles show up good in night vision.

19Sep11: Around 10:30 AM had 8 USBP agents hike thru our property because other agents on Miller Peak came upon drug runners napping.
The 8 agents came down around Noon and said that a Helicopter was coming around 1:15 PM to pickup the drugs and agents. The Helicopter
took several trips from Miller Peak to the Perimeter Trailhead. One of the agents said the runners were carrying double loads, 80# of pot.

21Sep11: I met 2 Sonoita agents as I was cutting up a tree, around 6 AM, that fell on the road. The agents said this time they were going to
get a Helicopter ride instead of walking up Canyon like on 19Sep. Agents up above were trailing a load of Pot. When Edith and I drove out of
the Canyon a few hours later, 5 USBP vehicles were parked downhill. Don't know the results, but saw the Helicopter.

23Sep11: Sonoita Sector agents again, much the same as 19 Sep, 2 agents I talked to on 25 Sep, said they got 3 bundles of Pot.

25Sep11: Another Helicopter operation using Sonoita USBP agents, trying to catch illegals that came down Miller, don't know the results.

26Sep11: Helicopter again flying the Crest, no USBP Agents down here, However the Helicopter went over to Upper Carr a lot. The road
was fixed last week, but not opened. Agents have a key to the gate tho.

27Sep-18OCT11: Lots of daytime and nighttime Helicopter Activity. Don't see agents in turnaround as much since the floods, so don't
know the results.

19Oct11: Another operation trying to get illegals up canyon. The agents I talked to never could get close to them, said they needed a

29Oct11: USBP Agent asked to drive thru property on illegal road made by Tombstone in the Miller Peak Wilderness Area. JR said no.
The agent was after illegals up Canyon. Walked out later with no results.

02Nov11: USBP Agent down in trailhead parking going thru backpacks of illegals and taking good items out. This is standard policy now.
His partner was up at the Crest chasing, with another agent, a group of illegals. No results.

11Feb12: 9 AM, a male illegal was at our Green Cabin, Dogs had been sniffing the air before this. USBP called and he worked along side of
me until the agents arrived. I did not ask him to do this, but he just stepped in. This was the first illegal since the Monument Fire.

June 2012 LACK of WATER up CANYON/HEAT (City of Tombstone has taken all the water) we have the following 9/12 June Incidents.

09Jun12: Before 8 AM, 1 male illegal came to JR for water, USBP called, but the illegal had walked away. Agents got one illegal in the afternoon

12Jun12: Before 8 AM, 3 illegals, 2 male/1 female came to JR for water when he was watering our West Garden. USBP came and got them.
The Agent said they were looking for the 3, since their friends had been picked up earlier and were worried.

13Sep12: Five agents brought around 300# of pot thru our Property. They only found the dope because a dog was brought after the agents
knew that the Smugglers had dropped the dope and ran.

23Nov12: Off duty USBP agent hiking with his family, came upon Drug Smugglers resting near the Hunter/Miller Pass that is less than 200 yards
from our SE property corner. He called it in around 6 PM and stayed at the scene until agents arrived. Same amount as 13Sep12. He showed
me a photo of the 5 bundles and the backpacks that the Smugglers left behind.

26Nov12: USBP agents brought 2 horses up, when they came back from their ride I asked them why the horses. They said that 10 illegals were
caught during the night out of 30 and they had cut a trail where some of these remaining 20 had got around our property to the NW. During this time
a SV police officer drove up also looking for illegals. It is Full Moon time.

05Apr13: 4 Illegals came by on the trail at dusk, talked to 2 via USBP phone number call in, they were lost. The 2 walked away before agent arrived.
The other 2 showed up later and shouted at us, but don't know what was said.  Maybe because all 6 dogs barked at them.

24May13: Had 2 illegals come in. Called USBP, took awhile for the agent to arrive, he was picking up 2 others, just South of Miller.
He told me that they and ours were from a group of 21.

25May13: 9 AM. Had an illegal walk by at the Spotted Owl location, that was seen later going around our place.

16Jun13: 9:30 AM. Showed two USBP agents thru the Orchard. They came down 3 hours later with 3 agents that had 7 Mexican illegals (4M/3F).

Food for thought. I'm sure that someone could write a book about USBP activity in Miller Canyon.

Cheers Tom Beatty Sr.

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