Letter to the Editor:

In response in general to Letters to the Editor in the May 18, 2011, edition of the Tombstone News I offer the following:

1. After reading Lawyers, Guns, and Money, does anyone actually believe the listed author wrote this?

2. To the unsigned author making references to Steve Troncale, Jack Henderson, Jimmy (Daugherty) Doherty, and myself. If I wrote wild accusations like you, I’d be ASHAMED to sign my name too. (You could do a little research and spell Jimmy’s last name correctly.) I don’t know about being afraid of Jimmy. I of course in my younger days was feared by many. Any and all Crooks, Thieves, Thugs, and General Law Breakers, in South Central Los Angeles. Then, after an early medical retirement I was feared by many Insurance Fraud perpetrators in OR, WA, WY, MT, and AK. I can’t understand anyone here, in Tombstone, fearing me unless they committed a crime.

On our street performers, a Deputy was asked to enforce an ordinance enacted by the City. No threats were made. The Offender was Cited, not Arrested. The City did receive a letter from the ACLU, which is being handled by our City Attorney. The ONLY reason this is at issue is because the Ordinance AS WRITTEN by the City Attorney was modified (to better fit Tombstone). It was the law of this City as passed and must be followed. Several other street performers were following the ordinance and the City and the Marshal’s Office were receiving complaints that one was not. I am not a lawyer but I do know when a law is being violated.

Please REMEMBER most of us DO NOT vote blindly. We read, ask questions, and make up our own minds. Seems like you only listen to wild gossip.

3. To Dr. Stevens. You are most correct and seem to understand the subject from all aspects.

4. Herb, I distinctly remember our last debate. Verbatim my last words to you were “Do you prefer Professional Law Enforcement or Drugs”? You stated “Drugs”! From my end there hasn’t been much more to debate.

Herb, I did vote for the current Budget. Any monies toward road repair are better than none.

Herb, Would you have voted no on the budget?

Herb, Yes I voted for our Archivist. It’s one of the approvals I’m proudest of. (We wouldn’t be fighting over the water now without Nancy. We’d have already lost it.)

Herb, Are you for Drilling more arsenic laced wells and selling or losing our mountain waters?

Herb, The budget is tight. Whose isn’t. Our best avenue to controlling the budget is strict monitoring of finances and, to name a few, forcing City Employees to “Punch” the Time Clock, pull back all of the Gas Credit Cards, and stop the Take-Home-Car policy.

Herb, I demanded our Deputy enforce a written ordinance. There were no threats. You listened wrong if you heard it that way. The Deputy called the Marshal and was ordered to Cite the offender by the Marshal. I think you can see what happened with that one in Item # 2, (from the guy who’s afraid on Jimmy and me).

Herb, PLEASE explain this Slush Fund. I don’t have one. (Wish I did.) Never heard of one.

Herb, The powers assumed by the City Clerk is a great problem. I’ve been trying to address them for months. The Mayor will not talk, discuss, or become involved. I guess he wasn’t told to.

Herb, AGAIN, PLEASE explain how I demonized Dusty’s Administration? What exactly did I say? Please tell All of Ward 4. As I recall Bob Hause asked me to run since he didn’t wish to run again.

Herb, Did YOU forget? I had an opponent the “Early” portion of the Recall. Ward 4 Voters wouldn’t sign his petition. Ward 4 Voters didn’t “Fire” me. (They didn’t Recall me either.)

Herb, You brought up the Mud Slinging. Yes or No? I’ll not start unless it’s needed to let the good citizens of Tombstone know who exactly is asking for their vote.

Herb, I am doing what is right for Tombstone. AND I am doing it with the help of those Cronies YOU so severely criticize.

I am Standing Up! You can Stand Down!
Randy Davis
Ward 4 Councilman