Miller Canyon OCELOT in the SEAZ Huachuca Mountains

The FIRST Tom JR sighting was on 08Feb11 at 10:30 AM and reported to AZG&F ASAP.
9 People saw the Ocelot, hereafter referred to as the OCELOT 9. The SECOND JR Sighting
was on 16NOV12 with a Jaguar Survey and Monitoring Project Sighting just before on 08Oct12.

OCELOT 9 members are:
Tom Beatty Jr. (Owner of Rose, the Red Tick Coonhound that treed the Ocelot)
Four Arizona Game & Fish Personnel. (Who were in the area doing Gould Turkey Trapping)
      Brad Fulk: Field Supervisor-Region V (who shot over 30 minutes of Video)
      Wildlife Manager Bryan Marshall for Units 35A/B (Huachuca/Patagonia Mnts)
      Wildlife Manager Aaron Miller for Units 34A/B (Santa Rita/Whetstone Mnts)
      Wildlife Manager Martin Guerena for Unit 33 (Catalina Mnts)
Two Photographers: Charles W. Melton and Tony Battiste
Randy Keiller (a friend)
and myself (Tom Beatty Sr.)

Honorable Mention:
HANK BRODKIN: Who tried to climb the last .18 Mile but couldn't. I called him first because he
told me that he was going to get an Ocelot photo with his backyard game camera pond setup.

EDITH: Who stayed behind at the Guest Ranch to answer the phone, directed people to the
Location and keep Hank company after he returned to the Guest Ranch.

ROSE, a Red Tick Coonhound that treed the cat.

For more info just Google "Arizona Ocelot". Lots of great Photos and about 30 minutes of
Video were obtained. Here are some of JR's:

I cut the following out of a [BIRDWG05] email: (Tom is AZG&F)
I was fortunate enough to briefly examine the carcass of the ocelot
killed on the highway near Globe last year and it was similarly of a
tawny, desert tan ground color as expected for a desert-adapted
population of such mammals, rather than the more commonly observed
golden-orange ground color of the tropics. The animal in your photos
does indeed seem to be perhaps a mature male based on the breadth of
the head, but do you have any photos of the nether regions that might
shed more light on the gender? The Globe ocelot was presumably a
younger/immature male and didn't exhibit such skull breadth.

Tom in Tempe

Other Photos show that the Miller Canyon OCELOT is a mature Male.

The adventure started around 10:00 AM when JR was trying to fix the East Gate that is just North of
Miller Creek. It is the way Vehicles enter our Orchard. Rose the Nose went by JR in a flash thru the
open gate. He went right after her (with his other 3 dogs: Buddy, Jake and Buster) to get her back as
She ran South across Miller Creek and up the Eastside of our fence line towards Hunter/Miller Pass.


After Rose got out, I had taken JR's place in the West Garden. I could hear Rose as she turn North and
zigzagged after something over the next 30 minutes. Then Edith came out with the phone and said that
JR had called at 10:30 AM and said Rose had treed an Ocelot. I called JR back at 10:31 AM to confirm.
I then called Hank at 10:32 since I knew his number. Then I went into the house to get Brad's number
from Phone ID. He had called around 9 AM to say that he was busy in town and would come up later in
the afternoon to check the Mountain Lion, I shot on 4 Feb. I called Brad at 10:36 AM and it took me two
minutes to convince him that JR had an Ocelot. This is the first of several Calls/Events that worked
perfectly. Next I called JR back at 10:38 AM to say I got hold of Brad and 4 AZG&F personnel were on
their way.

Then Charles (10:39) and Tony (10:40) so we could get good photos. Charles did not answer as usual,
so I left a message. Tony had just got done birding in St. David and was coming home. How was that
for good timing!

In the meantime Edith was busy packing JR's Camera (he called at 10:47) so I could take it up to him.
I finally started up just before 11:00 AM, first stopping at Cabin D to tell the lady guest what was going
on, she was not interested. I had just gone out the Westgate and met JR who had come down for his
camera with Buddy and Buster. I then walked up Canyon to the first crossing and took the gully to the
South that goes up near to the Ocelot . More phone calls and a rest, then Charles came up. He stopped
for a minute, I rested for several more and even then I caught up to him because he took the hard way
to the Cat thru lots of brush. He was still the second person that saw the Ocelot because I needed JR
to help me get from the Gully to the treed cat. I had hit a rock wall, plus the slope was 45-60 degrees.
Meanwhile Aaron, who is like JR, arrived on the scene. So I ended up number 4 around 12:13 PM.
Martin was number 5, Tony 6, Bryan 7 following by Brad. The last 2 took the hard way thru a lot more
brush. One could hear Brad for several minutes not getting anywhere. I'm sure carrying a video camera
did not help. All this time JR was helping people get to the area, plus taking photos. Because he could
get around the best, he also got the scat sample. On the way down (started at 1:14 PM) I meet Randy,
who I called late at 11:21 AM. While he did not make it to the tree, he got good views thru a pair of field
glasses that one of the AZG&F people gave him. JR called the dogs off at 2:30 PM, but had to go up for
Buddy later.

In all 60 minutes were charged to our Phone system.

On WED-30 March the AZG&F was here and did a Ocelot Sighting Reenactment. Click on then wait to get the set of videos on the right.

With Brad's over 30 minutes of Video and our nice setting they did a great job.

I plan to add photos of Mountain Lions, Bobcats and Ring-tailed Cats, emails and more info later.

Canyon Ocelot. This may show that this Ocelot is like a feral housecat and my experience with feral
housecats is that they stay in the same area. A GAME CAMERA PHOTO is at AZ G&F

A second Game Camera sighting of the Miller Canyon Ocelot was on 05FEB12. Location not given
at this time, but I bet it is in the Huachucas. Glad to find out it was okay after the Monument Fire.


The FRI-16 Nov 12 Ocelot sighting shows that the FEB 2011 animal is still in the Miller Peak Wilderness Area
after better than 18 months. JR got great photos that show the Ocelot is in great shape.

Rosie, JR's Purebred English Coon (Red Tick) Hound started trailing something at Tombstone's Gardner's
Springs Site in Miller Creek. About 30 minutes later treed the same male Ocelot that she did in February 2011.
The Ocelot treed site was only a quarter mile from Miller Peak in the Aspens on the HunterCanyon side. Just over
the Hunter/Miller Ridgeline to the South of Miller Canyon.

The Ocelot went to sleep, so JR left the site and got home at least 90 minutes later.

Here are some of JR's second sighting photos:

Cheers Tom Sr.

Miller Canyon Ocelot Sighting by Jaguar Survey and Monitoring Project:

The 08Oct12 UA photo was taken about 4 miles away from the previous sightings, demonstrating that
even the smaller cats move across the rugged Arizona landscape.

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