Folks-I really thought I was going to be able to go a couple of weeks and leave the political arena alone, but it seems that will be impossible.
Our Ward 4 Councilman seems to be operating with some type of delusion that he has done everything possible to represent the people of our Ward, let me ask him a few questions since somewhere along the line we have stopped having our debates.
Did you or did you not vote to approve a budget that has NO money allocated for street and road repair, and do you now think that 10 grand will solve the problems of our roads?
Did you or did you not vote to approve an Archives Director, which is a violation of our charter? The charter clearly states that the City Clerk is the Archives Director. Iíve got no problem with the clerk having an assistant, but the assistant should be a city employee, hourly paid and work under the direction of the City Clerk. No more on demand payments from the city and no more 1099ís that canít seem to be found.
Do you know that the budget that you voted to approve is now running in the red?
Did you or did you not demand that a Deputy Marshal arrest a man that the Deputy had a problem with doing and wanted to clear it with the Marshal first, but you and the Councilman in Ward 2 then threatened the Deputy with his job?? Exactly how did that work out??
What exactly is this slush fund that you and the Councilman in Ward 2 keep coming up with and PLEASE donít tell me that itís the Boothill donations.
Why havenít you done anything to repeal the policies of the Henderson Administration? Let me help you out on that one, the ones that turned the power and authority of the Mayorís office over to the City Clerk, all of which I believe to be illegal.
The last time this city voted to change the City Clerk to City Manager was in 1998, it failed then and it would fail again today. We elect our government officials and when they screw up we fire them in the form of a recall. We hold them accountable.
Now you still have time to restore some faith in your abilities as a Councilman. Start showing an attitude comprise, have faith in our current Mayor, who has nothing but the best interests for our city and for goodness sake lead the movement to try to undo all of the stupid mistakes you and your other cronies have made over the last year and a half.
In the last election, you all managed to demonize the Escapule Administration and we ended up with no experienced leadership at all, and look at the mess we have today.
Randy I have no interest in getting into a mud sling with you or anyone else, but I expect every one of our officials to start standing up and acting like you are somebody and have the guts to start doing the right thing for our city.
My Name is Herb Linn and that is my take on it!!