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TOM was born in FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA and lived in FELTON, MINNESOTA from just after birth through the 7th grade.
He learned about nature, Trout fishing in the Trout/Felton Creek, part of the Felton Prairie, #30 on the Pine to Prairie Birding Trail
The Beatty family then moved to Fargo where Tom graduated from Fargo's Central High School in 1956. After graduating he did
6 months of US Army Reserve Basic and Combat Engineer Training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Then in December of 1956 he
attended North Dakota State U. in Fargo, where he received a BS/1960 and a MS/1961 in Mathematics.

Note: National Geographic's book "Guide to Birding Hot Spots of the United States" gives the Felton Prairie Scientific & Nature Area
as one of 500 public owned birding areas. The Nature Conservancy "Blazing Star Prairie Scientific and Nature Area" is also part of the
Felton Prairie SNA.

He first job out of college was a GS9 for the US Navy at Point Mugu, Calif. Then in 1963 he took a 18 month job on the BMEWS
project at Thule Airbase, Greenland. He then lived in Winnipeg, Canada for a few months and courted Edith. Tom and Edith were
married March 1965 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

EDITH WHITE was born and grew up on a farm in MANITOBA, CANADA , trained as a Medical Technologist at Deer Lodge
Veterans Hospital in Winnipeg and worked for a couple of years as a Red Cross Medical Tech. in Winnipeg. She lived and worked
in England with two girl friends in l954-55 returning to Winnipeg to work as a Med. Tech. at Victoria Hospital for ten years. Edith
moved to the States in 1965.

During their Honeymoon they drove to Fort Huachuca, AZ where Tom took a job there until they went to Washington, DC where
Tom attended American U. for the 1965-66 school year and Edith worked for a DC doctor. Then back to work for Tom at Fort
Huachuca until retirement in May 1995. Edith also worked as a Med. Tech in Sierra Vista and Bisbee, Arizona.

In March of 1967 they bought the first of three parcels that make up the present 10 acres of Beatty's Guest Ranch & Orchard.
On which they planted a 1300 tree Apple Orchard and ran an Apiary operation of 220 bee hives. They no longer have the bees,
but the Orchard is going strong.

In May 1997 they changed 3 rentals to a Guest Ranch and added 3 cabins in 2001-2002. Guests are mainly Birders, because Beatty's
is "America's Premier Hummingbird Viewing Spot".

This has resulted in been written up in several NEWSPAPERS: Tucson Citizen, AZ  Daily Star, AZ Republic, Boston Globe,
St. Louis Dispatch, Minneapolis Star, Wall Street Journal, London England's: Sunday News and Sunday Telegraph.

BIRDING MAGAZINES: Birds and Blooms, WildBird, Birder's Digest and ABA's "Birding".

BIRD/Travel GUIDES: The ABA Lane and TAS Birding "Guides for Southeastern Arizona" and the Moon's Travel Guide for Arizona.

BOOKS: Peterson Field Guide "Hummingbirds of North America", Steve N. G. Howell "Hummingbirds of North America" and the
Arizona Highway's "The Mountains Know Arizona"

Four children: Tom Jr, Jeni, John and Jason where raised in Miller Canyon and attended school in Sierra Vista. All graduated from
Buena High School in Sierra Vista AZ, but Jason, who attended University High in Tucson for his Senior year.

During High School all four ran Cross Country and Track and were All State at least 16 times.

Tom Jr/1968: Received an AA degree from Pima Community College in Tucson and attended Northern Arizona U. and the University
of Arizona. Single, self taught naturalist, expert on trails and critters in Miller Canyon. Manager of Beatty's Guest Ranch.

Jeni/1969: Received an AA degree from Pima Community College, where she ran Cross Country/Track and was an NCJAA All
American in Cross Country. She then went to Boise State U. on a full Track scholarship and graduated with a BS degree in Mathematics
and Science. She taught HS Math/Science/Health before/after marrying James Maxwell, an Architect. Now busy in Tucson raising four
children: Josie, Katie, John and Charlie. In 2011 she started teaching full time at a Charter School.

John/1971: Received a BS from the U. of Arizona and has been working for the last 12+ years as a Material Science Engineer for INTEL
in Chandler, AZ. He and Donna have two children: Logan and Megan. They plan to return here, where John will run the Guest Ranch
and Donna will teach.

Jason/1974: Graduated from the US Coast Guard Academy, Class of 96, and has been stationed in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle,
Europe, USCG Training Center Petaluma as the City Manager for the Training Center working out of the Facilities Engineering
Division and finally on Coast Guard Island as a Civil Engineer. Commander Beatty received a MS Civil Engineering degree from Oregon State U.
(Mar 07) to go with his MS Construction Management degree from the U. of Washington. He and Elsa have three children: Eva, Sofia and Kai.

For more VISIT: The Sierra Vista Herald 03 Dec 2006 Beatty Lifestyle Article

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