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    Where EcoTourism-GeoTourism is a way of life not a business at 5800 feet in the Huachuca Mountains.

2173 E Miller Canyon Rd   Email: BeattysGuestRanch@wildblue.net
Hereford, AZ 85615-9667   Phone: 520-378-2728   Hereford Weather

"America's Premier Hummingbird Viewing Spot" Holds the US 1 day Hummingbird species record, 14 species
                                 (set on 30 June 2002 and tied on 18 & 19 July 2006)

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The Controlled Access Site is off limits to the use of: Fresnel type FLASH, tripod, HUGE type lens and SETUPS for FULL FLIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY.
If this makes you unhappy, then don't stay/visit.

After consulting with Birders that used Digital Cameras, who had bad experiences with mostly one type of Photographer the above was added.
Natural light is all you need to photograph Hummingbirds in flight with the latest Digital Cameras, so keep this is mind when at the CAS.

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  • City of Tombstone Work in Miller Peak Wilderness Area &
    Monument Fire/Floods
    affects MILLER CANYON. Also contains: COT vs Beatty Lawsuit History, Temp/Rain amounts, GREAT Flood and other PHOTOS.
    Tombstone News 27Feb2015 article: Settlement Reached in City of Tombstone and Beatty Case

  • JR's Photos of the 08Feb11/16Nov12 and 11Nov13 Miller Canyon OCELOTS Known as AZG&F #3 and #4
    Also Contains Mountain Lion photos.

  • Hiking the HUACHUCAS from Beatty's Guest Ranch and for all of Arizona. Also Huachuca Mining info.

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  • Visit SEAZHummingbirds.com if planning a trip to ARIZONA for Hummingbirds or see what birds are at Beatty's Guest Ranch.

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    Beatty's from the Clark's Spring Trail                                                Beatty's from Miller Peak

    Best time to view our Hummingbirds, for 8-14 species/numbers and the White-eared,
    is the 09May-09Sept 4 month period. The 15Mar-15Apr period has 4-6 species by
    15-Mar and 8-10 by 15 Apr.

    Our western property fence at Miller Creek and the next half mile up canyon is considered by many local
    birders to be the best Huachuca Mountain location for WARBLERS during spring/fall migration.

    One will not see any advertisements for our Guest Ranch, because We rely on returning GUESTS,
    WORD of MOUTH, "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION" and ARTICLES like the following:

    The June/July 08, Birds & Blooms "Legend of the Southwest"
    article features our place. We are also part of Birds & Blooms,
    Dec 05/Jan 06, Worth Seeing "Hello, Hummingbirds!"

    The July/August 08, issue of "BirdWatcher's Digest" has us
    featured in their The Backyard article, "The Hummers of Summer".

    Nice article about the place in the, 31 Sept 07, Scottsdale's Sunday East Valley Tribune

    We are in the 11 June 07, UK's Sunday Telegraph Hummingbird Article on visiting Southeast Arizona

    Beatty's is part of the Sat/Sun, 1-2 April 06, WALL STREET JOURNAL Pursuits
    Section (P6) The Outdoors "Wild West Is Now for the Birds" article.

    Miller Canyon & Beatty's Orchard is STOP #31 on the NEW Southeastern Arizona Birding Trail

    Only click on the following 895KB pdf Tom Beatty Jr. interview if you have high speed internet service
    "Ramsey Canyon Leopard Frog National Fish & Wildlife Foundation" article <

    NO SMOKING/PETS, Candles, Spotlighting, Insect Collecting
    or PLAYING of Bird Tapes:
    ANYWHERE on Property and no
    Also a LIMITED CHILDREN POLICY (call for info).

    Most recent RARE YARDBIRD sighting is that of a CRESCENT-CHESTED WARBLER.
    Six sighting by 12 Birders during the 12-15 August 2005 period.

    The following is a reply from my [BIRDWG05] email: "Crescent-chested Warbler now a yard bird"

    Quite possibly the only yard north of Mexico to host three different members of the genus Parula!
    Don't let the county assessor know. ;-) Mark Stevenson Tucson, AZ

    The February 2006 issue of ARIZONA HIGHWAYS has the PERIMETER
    TRAIL as the hike of the month. This 3.7 mile trail goes from
    MILLER to CARR CANYON. The back inside cover page has a
    nice up canyon view of upper MILLER CANYON/PEAK. With
    Beatty's Guest Ranch Units E/F, faintly visible in the upper right
    hand area. Also Beatty's Guest Ranch is mentioned in the April
    2006 issue.

    The October 2004 Arizona Highways Front Cover was taken 100 yards west of our property

    To serve you better, we now have a SATELLITE internet provider and Cell phone system. HOW WE DID IT info

    For Great Bird/Nature photography: With Set up tables and below ground blinds overlooking a Pond etc.
    try Bill Forbes's Professional Photographer setup near Madera Canyon.

    His Photographic Trigger System was used at our Cabin A by BOB CLARK to take the following
    of two BLACK-CHINNED females.

    Earle A. Robinson has Preferred Photographer Status at BEATTY'S GUEST RANCH because of his
    Patience, Unobtrusive Behavior, Knowledge and Kindness; when photographing Hummingbirds. Being
    on this list means that he can come in anytime and will be notified of any rare bird sightings, nests etc.

    The Ramsey Canyon Leopard Frog starts spring egg laying usually the first week of March.

    New FROG SIGN on fence near Gazebo. To see it, CLICK ON Load NEW FROG sign
    Note: Will take a moment to load.

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